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  1. finally found this in the redbox so yay for me, it is only a one day rental as it will be going back saturday afternoon or so, i will have the house to myself tomorrow as well, so would love to have someone to help me with running around and playing hardcore mode perhaps, PSN ID info down below Send a message and thanks for helping me
  2. should i feel cheap and easy for doing this?? i have tempted this once before back in the day when infamous 1 released and found around 220 or so, give or take 20 of them, and i didnt kow you dont get xp for it, might save it for the end and do auto collect when i only have those two left and get those and the plat easily,
  3. looking for mature awesome crew that uses headsets often and cordinates games and such, more then happy to be interviewed for a spot in game, have headset and only level 4 but do my best to drive not maniac and good gun control, basically a mature geeky gamer with a dark side seeking others like me on ps3 only as i do not own a ps4 yet wow that sounded like a personal add,
  4. Looking for help for this one and during the day is easier if possible, live at home and ps3 is used a lot between me and brother and mom for netflix, so days are easier to play, PSN info on bottom, would be level 1 so i am hoping this is not impossible now
  5. got this game cheap for 5 bucks and want to attempt the plat, is it possible? if so PSN info is below, have headset and never played the MP for this so looking for a partner who knows it well and can give tips and not go tryhard
  6. great guide, have not started SP yet but not looking forward to veteran difficulty, i did a little back in the day on friends name with MW2 and wow it was painful and tough, i would love to Plat MW3 though, fingers crossed
  7. looking for a mature clan that is active and realizes that i am starting fresh again so my kd is low and can be brought up higher, just reworking the kinks out *Giggaty* and trying to remove the rust of no COD for a while, PSN Info Below, Have Headset and can communicate well
  8. can you do co op for spec missions fully?? even if you dont have dlc? looked some up on youtube and this may be a impossible plat without help
  9. yea right now i have about 4 other people added from a *cough* site i visit so i have people to play with and another 4 who hopefully will add me, i kinda keep quiet on mic but talk still, glad im not the only one who hates campers, not sure if you still play on ps3, if you do add me and we can game sometime,
  10. no DLC just core game and PSN id is down below, please be respectful and have mic and be a serious trophy hunter, please know also i have not done spec ops except once or twice on 360 so i am beyond rusty, Patience is required, Thank you and sorry for such strict requirements but i've had bad luck with giving people my psn thanks and sorry
  11. are Kill Confirmed and a bit of Free for all, switch between those two mostly, some TDM as well,
  12. been playing the last couple days after losing good trophies due to a ex and her new guy, so rebuilding my KD, love that the game is healthy but wow do i get a lot of spanish players using mics speaking full spanish, and being half hispanic i dont know spanish so i try to ignore it
  13. hey i paid 7 dollars as well, i hate the random friend invites,and about 4 other things that i wont post here, had no idea about this thread and now feeling dumb about mine, but the big one is friend request ninja style, thank heavens my psn id scares people
  14. ran into one hacker so far and i wrote about it in my recent posting here, kinda suprised on how unhacked the game is now, i remember modern warfare 2 getting just horrible to play
  15. Copy and Pasting this over from another site that i posted it on and thought i'd ask here as well So i recently picked up COD MW 3 On the system that is not a 360 but since this is a universal question regardless of what system you own i thought i would go ahead and ask this. what are your COD pet peeves? i have a few Campers I hate campers with a passion, its one thing when a new cod comes out then you get a pass for a few weeks, the fact that people are STILL camping in MW3 is just pathetic, im sorry to say it but if you still need to camp in that game to get kills then bummer and you must have small skills, i just dont see the point of it and i laugh when i run into campers and ask over the headset if they can fix me some smores and make themselves useful Not playing the objectives Been also playing a bit of kill confirmed because it is fun and when you get people who know what they are doing it makes it a lot better,i just dont get the people who go in there and start playing it like free for all and then say "well free for all is cool, kill confirmed sucks", ok so why the hell are you playing it then?? again its another thing that i know you have to put up with in COD so i ignore it somewhat and just play the objective Hacks Sooooo when someone comes into the game and hacks right away with invisibility hack and then starts talking smack like they beat T Squared in a game of Halo Reach and is now a gaming god what is the point?? are they that insecure in themselves and upset because they are not a true and real man?? what is the whole point of bragging while hacking?? i get some people think its cool and its not cheating because if you hack in COD and go in first place you won cause of "Skill", i was in a game the other day when a guy used a straight up invisibilty hack and got reported for it, his own fault really. those are my top 3 yours? please note that these are just my thoughts and views, i get why some camp and that one i let pass, the other two are open game, wanted to put the warning out there, thanks
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