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  1. Please can you amend this guide, you have the Give Me The News Doc trophy listed as unachieveable since servers went down, but you still can get this trophy
  2. World 5 wasn’t to bad, imo there are 3 tough puzzles and all are secret star puzzles. They are World 4 World 6 World b+ These 3 without a doubt are the hardest things you will face in this game, these took me longer then the rest of the entire game, personally I thought all 3 of these puzzles were incredibly unfair, with the one in world 6 having insane pin-point perfect timing needed.
  3. Thanks for all the work Shadow you have been amazing with this, I have always made sure to check this every day, so thank you
  4. I need some more advice with this, to make sure I’m doing it right. I picked position #10 for my player and I am rarely if at all getting the ball and the guide says to aim for 3 tries a game and I’m playing on very easy to and 10mins, is there something I need to do that will make this even easier or will I eventually over time get enough ball to do my game goals to become captain/kicker??
  5. I personally wouldn’t say it’s easy, a good few of the latter levels in chapter 2 and 3 are a real pain. Level 30 in chapter 2 is enough to say this isn’t an easy plat. People who have done this game 4 times, you are ever crazy or just too good P.s how do you get the briefcase in chapter 3 level 29?
  6. The severs are still unavailable for me on NA version and have been like that since last Wednesday. P.s they were fixed then a day later down again, just ridiculous
  7. Just wondering is what zeze said about the 2nd list unlocking most trophies when you have platted 1 list, still the case?
  8. In case it was missed Top Spin 4’s servers are closing April 15th https://support.2k.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001972093-Top-Spin-4-Server-Shutdown-Info
  9. If we don’t get either dlc before it’s delisted, is there any sort of copy of the game on disc that will give them to you?
  10. Someone got the trophy on feb 8th this year, I wonder if legit of a hacker
  11. Dante's Inferno dlc is still available to buy separately on the Australian psn store
  12. Hopefully this means something, yet they still do nothing about that one trophy in grand slam tennis 2
  13. Just wondering has this been removed from the store because I cannot find it no more
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