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  1. Farmed the harvest event, got mega score & the game crashed. I lost all the progress + ~2hrs of play does it always crash by some point of grinding, or was I just unlucky?
  2. I only played solo for now & max I got on my 1st evening with this mode was 19 objectives/lvl. Wondered if I should do more, but got WORLD GETS HARDER prompt, so I decided to go on the killing spree through the hub (as always) & check how strong zombies have become before starting objective 19 & I decided it's a good idea to extract (even in the open area such is the hub I had difficulty managing them). It also sucks major ass you can not pause when playing this mode solo. Does this mode actually gets harder or easier when you play online with a squad?
  3. As an experienced racing gamer I rate the difficulty at 5+/10. 85% of the events are pretty easy, but the remaining 15% will test your patience. I think this is most difficult plat in the NFS series that I got. Far from impossible, but mind that's not another relaxing plat. On top of that, the game is a soulless, forgetable, corporational spam with literally no character & the most awful rubberbanding you will see in your entire life. To add insult to injury - the cars handle like bathtubs full of wet concrete, heavy & barely responsive at times. Online segment is bad as well, other racers just overtake you at the start line without any reason (shareplay/cheats? Who knows). Be sure to play in short sessions, or it will suck the joy of life out of your soul. My Driver Stats say 42hrs 31min, that's the time required to 100%, probably few hours less for the plat alone.
  4. Hi. Looking to boost 3 DLC trophies. I'm always helpful, but please, don't ask me for help with any other trophies than those listed below, as I really don't like this game & would rather had my nails ripped of with pliers than play this sh1t a minute longer than it is necessary. These are literally only trophies that require boosting in this game anyway. I did everything else with random people very easily, as there are many players still playing all the required modes. PSN ID: Kunegunda_GoRyl Time Zone: Central Europe (PL), but I can adjust. Often stay late at night Trophies: Hotshot - Win an Online & an Offline Interceptor event in the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport Interceptor Top of the Range - Win an online event in the Porsche 911 Turbo Rubbing is Racing - Take down another racer in Arms Race <<<EDIT>>> got plat & 100%, deleted the game, no longer boosting.
  5. F trophy also pops when you try to throw back enemy's grenade with & get killed with it. Doesn't even have to be your own grenade.
  6. Sorry for the off-topic, but there's no other thread I could use & I didn't want to start a new one for such a small thing. It's about a Blast Off trophy (Super Sports Pack DLC/Complete 5 online races in the GUMPERT apollo S) it seems to be glitched in a good way, trophy popped just after my 1st race, which is great news, as it let's me spend a little less time with this awful game.
  7. Gonna go with 5/10 Game frustrated me immeasurably, wiping the floor with me in the early to mid stages, but as I understood the roguelike mechanics & learned using (upgraded) teleport during combat I became more & more proficient. It's like 6-7/10 difficulty at the begining & around 3-4/10 when you're upgraded post-story (even then you got to be careful on deck4, as unlucky combination of just two of enemies can sometimes destroy you pretty fast).
  8. I think it took me 25+hrs. I've never ever played a roguelike game, so I died a lot & I mean A LOT + sometimes retried when I got a good deck layout, which didnt make sense as those effort did not work towards developing & upgrading my character. Can be done a lot faster with a good understanding of roguelike sub-genre, which I now kinda learned the hard way
  9. Thanks mate. Guide was useful. For the swarm drones trophy I recommend visiting a supply crate room in deck1, the small, square one with 4 enemy teleporters type, with an armor upgrading your weapons power & just teleport around while the drones do their stuff. Do this post-story, with highly upgraded character, as the deck1 enemies are very weak and deal small damage. This is the one of two somewhat troublesome misc trophies & I didn't encounter any other place in the entire game offering an opportunity to pop it. Also had trouble with finding right spot for killing 3 enemies with gravity bomb trophy. There are small rooms with 3 enemies on deck4, but they're often too strong to be killed with 1 bomb + all the throwables can sometimes be glitched & they can never explode after throwing them (PS5). Can't tell if it's a random mechanic some of them being duds, or just a game glitch, but it happens (on PS5 at least). Deck1 sometimes offers a room with 3 enemies but it's rare, so again the supply crate room might be the best chance here.
  10. So I bought this DLC on a sale few weeks later & it doesn't work at all. The intro clip starts as it meant to & then the 1st quest triggering point is dead, you just arrive at the exact spot & NOTHING happens. I'm on a latest update (1.000.010, also called 1.13) on Playstation 5, updated the game late december 2021. Tried deleting save & re-downloading it from cloud but it did not help. Researched Tripwire's forums about known issues, but they simply doesn't seem to give a flying fok about this - they aknowledge the issues (trophies also not popping, but I can't even confirm that), but they simply do nothing. I saw many issues reported by players but nothing seems to be going on about it. Saw posts of people reinstalling the game & it did nothing to improve the situation. Wonder what happens now. Can I get a refund for this? It's been weeks since I bought it so Sony would probably tell me to have a nice day & go f. myself. Edit: posted my issue on their TripWire bug reports forum & they just deleted it xD DON'T FUCK1NG BUY THIS DLC - IT DOESN'T WORK.
  11. 1st playthrough with lock on option was 4/10 2nd playthrough without lock on was 6/10 (lock on is available here, but I wanted to get a good feel for the Nightmare difficulty) 3rd Playthrough on nigtmare was 3/10 So the overall is 4/10 Nightmare difficulty seems the easiest - you get a good feel of the game by then after beating it twice before + enemies don't seem to be any tougher to kill with the rifle than on Hardcore diff + you have like 60% more ammo available on Nightmare, so many times you can just storm in & spray the rooms with bullets which sometimes can make it trivial (enemies are better armed, which only helps as that mean constant ammo supply for your assault rifle)
  12. Around 10hrs for me. Took a bit of time to get a proper feel for non-lock on aiming & the reticle's hitbox, but once that was done I stormed through the game, despite the highest difficulty.
  13. Was gonna rate it a bit lower, but I got lost on some puzzles while using a guide, so I had to do a few of them by myself & they turned out to be pretty challenging, so let's say 3-/10.
  14. ~2+hrs if playing with a guide, although game turned out to be so uninteresting I literally did brakes just to do some chores in-between.
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