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  1. Since there is not really much info on this game I will post up my video guide for the game. I think I still have the fastest time at 16 minutes, it is very easy with this guide and no time wasted going in wrong directions or wasted areas [ame] [/ame]
  2. Kid Tripp EU Vita has 20 trophy tiles but 21 overall trophies so the totals do not match
  3. I meant to post here a few days ago, I saw people earning this trophy and I checked and the community levels are back up. I would get this ASAP if you want to play this game
  4. Waltz of the Wizard has an extra trophy tile. There are 13 total but should only be 12. When you see the tiles, it seems there is a POWGI Game in there
  5. Just Ignore them EU Vita has 34 trophies, but the total trophy count says 35 trophies Thank you
  6. I should have done one for FF IX but Final Fantasy X and X-2 both have amazing walkthroughs on gamefaqs that walk you through everything you need
  7. Tried to play this game and could not get this trophy, I think its back down again?
  8. If you clear Wave #24 on Invasion mode, Level 11 trophy pops. I assume this is the case because they are both the same type of boss.
  9. If you find any issues please let me know what was not popping correctly?
  10. If anyone needs a trophy walkthrough, I am almost done with this. Final Fantasy 8 Trophy Guide Walkthrough - Final Fantasy VIII - PS3Imports.org I threw some extra stuff in there just in case people want to do a little more than what is necessary
  11. Aikagi: Kimi to Isshoni has 11 total trophies which is correct but there are 12 trophy tiles present
  12. Wordsweeper by POWGI (NA) (PS4) This game is listed as 27 total trophies which is correct, but only has 25 trophy tiles Can you please fix this when you have a moment? Thank you.
  13. Date A Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincarnation When you have a moment, can you add stacking versions for the USA and Europe versions of the game? Thank you
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