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    I first got into gaming on Xmas 1992 when I got a mega drive which I still have today (I think). Abo
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  1. my bad I could have sworn I saw it earlier than 2017
  2. I've found it!!! Its Gang Beasts. Much appreciated for your replies!!!
  3. Ok so I'm after a game and this is the best description I can give: It was released shortly or around when the ps4 first came out It has cartoon, colourful style graphics It had funny cartoon characters that were climbing up platforms and falling off them and hanging on. I think it was a 4 player/multiplayer game Apoglies for the lack of description
  4. No surprise if it gets cancelled. Wasnt the ps5 meant to be shown at e3?
  5. So I've finally introduced my son to my ps4. I've created him a profile with parental controls of course. Hes only playing lego star wars atm as most of my games aren't child friendly. Hes obsessed with it and I mean obsessed. Constantly asking about the game and everything else. My head is battered. I'm limiting his time on it but does anyone else have recomendatios for games around his age?
  6. So I've already fully completed this on Gamecube, PS2 and 360. I said at first I wasn't gonna download it on PS4 but what the hell, need summit to pass the time in isolation. So is it the PS2 port or have the graphics been updated? Personally out of all the console versions the ps2 was better than the cube version as it had more content
  7. Aye I've heard he's gettung his ps4 replaced
  8. I've had to install from usb 3 times now. His ps4 works fine for a few days then needs a software install from usb. Would love to know whats going on with it
  9. UPDATE Ive sorted it. Reformatted USB to exfat
  10. Be very careful using hdmi splitters. Last one I used blew the board on my blu ray player
  11. Hi I normally repair and mod ps4s and have been asked by my neighbour to sort his ps4 slim out. Now it only boots up in safe mode and only lets you update via usb. I have formatted my usb to fat32, PS4, UPDATE and put the latest update in that folder (5.50). Now it won't read the usb and was wondering if hd is corrupted? I have took the hd out and put back in/screwed just in case. Unless im doing this wrong?
  12. Getting a 4k tv soon and would like to play some 4k blu rays but was wondering if I have to fork out for a 4k blu ray player or even still can the ps4 play them along as the tv is in 4k etc
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