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  1. Aargh, really? So close to plat, hopefully I can get enough hours in to finish the grind..
  2. Congrats! Do you remember what items you equipped and what girl you used for Dungeon Mode? Stuck on that one, I can use some advice
  3. The trophies are glitched either way. Hit level 30 both inside and outside missions but no luck unlocking them It's a weird glitch, some of the weapon trophies did unlock while others didn't..
  4. PS4 version was always active, on the fence to get the PS3 version now it's on sale. I too would like to know if the PS3 servers are still popular before buying
  5. Same here, looking for someone to boost Out of My Way trophy. Add me with BoT in message
  6. But, if you first buy the compact version, earn all trophies, then buy the upgrade, will you be able to get the platinum trophy?
  7. Great guide, thanks! If I buy this and after earning all the trophies upgrade to full game, will I be able to get the platinum trophy also?
  8. Looking for help to complete last level on Veteran and first on Master (PS3). Add me with Resogun in the message :-)
  9. You can play online against/with players from any of the other platforms. Vita can play against/with PS3/PS4 and vice versa. I have played with my Vita against players from all platforms and didn't encounter any problem.
  10. I would love to boost this also! Please add me with NAtURAL DOCtRINE in the message =) Btw: I don't know this for sure, are the servers region-locked? If they are, I'm from EU.
  11. Have you tried renewing your licenses? This should help.
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