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  1. Yeah, 5-ish at most. The same old combat strategy from The Witcher 2 remains effective here on Death March: 1) Cast Quen. 2) Strike the enemy 2-3 times. 3) Dodge or roll away. 4) Repeat. I could win nearly any battle this way, and if you bother to use potions and oils, it gets even easier. After investing in the Deadly Precision red skill, I ventured into B&W to unlock mutations, and respecced into a Euphoria build. Almost everything was a breeze after that; consume four OP decoctions and carelessly Whirl everything to death. Silly, really.
  2. 133 hours to 100% the game. I'd guess platinum alone was around 90-something.
  3. So, I finished WoE today with the new ending. For anyone who wants to get it: The new bosses were pretty good, although they have an obnoxious amount of health on NG+. Really wish the new area had more to it, as well.
  4. Thanks, very glad to hear that it helped you! Seems a few people who were struggling over at PSNP found the method useful, as well.
  5. As action-platformers go, I found it rather on the easy side - 3/10. Using a build with scythe, shotgun, Barrier (Aftershock path), and critical chance/damage, I had very little difficulty overall. Basically never needed more than 1-2 attempts on a boss, other than the undead king guy, who ruined me with his projectiles a few times. After a lukewarm first impression, it ended up being a decent action game, but it overstays its welcome a bit with the grind for "Skill Master," which is dull as dishwater. There isn't enough content in the game to justify that trophy, and leveling active abilities I'll never use feels so pointless. Repeating mission 8—where you're restricted to only your gun, but have infinite ammo—seems like the most efficient method⁠. With a good shotgun and jump-canceling, you earn around 400 blue orbs pretty quickly. Still sucks, though. When I had about 1-1/2 skills remaining, I refunded everything on the passive skill tree, which provided enough orbs to finish upgrading them. This significantly cuts down on the number of required runs!
  6. I used mission 8, which restricts melee, but grants infinite ammo. With a good shotgun and jump-canceled blasts, it's around 400 blue orbs per run, fairly quickly. Then, when I had only 1-1/2 skills remaining or so, I refunded everything on the passive skill tree, which provided enough orbs to finish upgrading them. This significantly reduces the grind.
  7. 3/10. Much easier than Reverie Under the Moonlight. You need only to no damage one boss, and I recommend the first, to acquire the Frigid Incense. Combined with the Storm spell, you can stunlock most bosses while slashing away, and easily dumpster their HP.
  8. Around 6 hours and 45 minutes. You can view both endings in one playthrough, by backing up your save before the final boss.
  9. 3/10. The platforming controls are horrendous, to put it mildly, so the key to avoiding a headache is to make use of Penny's scythe teleportation ability as frequently as possible—it's a more efficient manner of traversal by far, compared to jumping around. Several somewhat irritating challenges exist, as well.
  10. An issue I encountered on both versions of the game: there are a couple of pesky little unfilled map squares above the mountain of ash/turned throne, after defeating Last Son of the Miracle, which can only be reached during the "good" ending. You have to jump around quite a bit on the ash for it to register them as discovered. As you can see, the trophy popped here (at 99.95% completion, oddly).
  11. 6/10. Getting to grips with Cloudstepping took longer than expected, but outside of a select few collectible locations (particularly that notorious mask piece in the DLC), every screen in the game feels quite reasonable, and the checkpoints are fairly generous, so you rarely have to repeat much content. I found Guacamelee 2 to be a lot more problematic, which is a minority opinion, I'm sure. Just don't miss out on the shopkeeper's cabinet-related dialogues. Defeating the Queen of Quills without dying is really easy on NG+ with the Voodoo Mask deal; the only threat are crushers and pits, and they're sparse so early in the game. Maybe the best game I've played this year, and it ranks up there with Hollow Knight and Blasphemous where Metroidvanias are concerned.
  12. Including the DLC, a total of 17.51 hours, says Exophase. I spent a fair amount of time exploring for collectible locations on my own.
  13. I'll actually give it 4/10—I thought it was a significant step up in difficulty compared to the first game. Using the appropriate characters and sub-weapons for the situation is far more important this time. There are a number of tricky rooms and bosses in certain scenarios. Thankfully, you have infinite lives to practice with on the Casual setting, and several character abilities are overpowered enough to trivialize content: Alfred - Voltaic Ray (lightning) spell obliterates bosses; Burning Sphere nullifies most projectiles. Gebel - Bat form makes traversing otherwise dangerous rooms a breeze. Hachi - Invincible ability is great for tanking tough screens and bosses. Miriam - Axe sub-weapon is still a good boss killer. Ultimate Zangetsu - Devil Essence (aura) sub-weapon turns his jump attack into a boss shredder.
  14. I found the speedrun time surprisingly tight; finished over a minute late on my first attempt, so I'd say it's like a 5.5/10. This platinum ain't free—you need decently clean movement to make the goal time. Fortunately, being able to do it in a segmented manner from each auto-save door helps tremendously. Be careful not to hit X if you die, since it'll save again and add the time spent up until your death. For this reason, I recommend backing up your save to the cloud or a USB at each checkpoint.
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