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  1. Nearly finished My Player all the Beast Mode nods done for Grapple speed ??? any help or tutorial for these trophies specific.
  2. So the problem here is how do I get the remaining 9 side quests( I've counted) I need to accomplish the trophy. After the main story is completed you get the stupid Matt Bloom side quests (only) nothing else I've come across apart from SCSA in vince's office since I shifted over to Smackdown!, The AI are retarded they keep on losing while you manage them on the outside. By chance I only win one match but the other the AI are idiots any help on this. Characters are weak The Boss and Suvillian guy. Any tips or tricks on being a manger ???
  3. I've just some how lost all my dam fucking data in WWE 2K18 including my player and saves is there a way to retrieve. I'm down to nothing only had 2 trophies to accomplish aswell from My Career help. My charcter Freak IS GONE and all my saves are gone. This game GTF . Was at career mode 2020 Royal Rumble match FUCK
  4. Any help or any videos for this??? The actual run-in starts in to an actual match. Unlike in 2k16 after beaten the guy up it goes away after the attack. Did any of the patches screwed this trophy up or something, please let me know.
  5. I'm running in! MyCAREER - Successfully perform 10 run-ins. Is this trophy glitched or something done like more than 10 run-ins or simply put it the game is broken. Entrance run in, your on top AI runs away it becomes a match you win. Or sometimes a cut scene occurs where the officials stop the brawl. It just continues on and on whats wrong ??? Done post interview run ins as well on stars match ends on KO you win still no pop . any help.
  6. Just hitting the third bronze star still along way to go need a faster method.
  7. Nope Kane attempted a move I reversed it as Triple H 01 nothing no trophy popped up again it was a table's match against Undertaker 00.
  8. Hopefully in future titles remove My Career or don't make stupid long grinding trophies and fix the showcase trophies that are glitched ( view and unlock all videos images etc). Everything else other trophies are fine I thought the online ones would be the worst but this time round My Career
  9. I am still stuck on this trophy don't know why ?? What's the best thing ?? delete your game save but first make a backup save???
  10. So the 'Stone Cold said so' trophy is still glitched after so many patches why ?? Everything unlocked and viewed and still the dam glitch still says 'new content 'at two videos. I ain't deleting my save nor am playing it again , the problem lies within the creators of the game everything is cleared and done rightfully. Thanks
  11. Stone Cold Said So Trophy Trophy is still glitched why no solution to this problem??
  12. Still glitched after the latest patch, other meaning less stuff is fixed or stuff nobody cares about.
  13. How long do you get this ( 1 month etc)also do you have to play the default match types and rivalries set for you. Please confirm Because I have edited all matches and have done more than 50 wins no trophy pop??
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