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  6. Whoever is in the game session at the moment when the Mamaback is defeated will get the trophy. If a player backs out while fighting Mamaback and returns after she is defeated, that player will not get the trophy.
  7. Before we start, this guide is by no means comprehensive. There may be gaps in information. There may be missing perks. Let me know if something is incorrect or not in the guide, and I'll edit accordingly. Dead Ops Arcade III: Dead Ops III is the return of the top-down arcade-style shooter first introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops. There are several trophies associated with this mode, but this guide will focus purely on getting the "Reunited with Fidolina" trophy which requires you to defeat the Mamaback and complete round 64. Maps: There are 16 maps in this mode. Each map will be used for four rounds, so, for example, Rounds 1-4 will be played on the first map then Rounds 5-8 will be played on a new map. When a round is completed you must enter a door marked by a yellow door icon to progress. On the last round of an area, you will enter a teleporter to be taken to the next map. However, after completing Rounds 4, 20, 36, and 60, you will be taken to "The Wild." The Wild: The Wild is an open area that can be accessed after Rounds 4, 20, 36, and 60. You must enter after 4, 20, and 60. After 36, you will have the option to either enter the teleporter or go into "The Wild." These sections have secrets that can give you extra lives, points, nukes, and speed boosts. The enemies in "The Wild" infinitely spawn from big heads (breeders), so you must destroy the heads to stop enemies from spawning. Also, be careful of traps especially spikes. If you see the ground sparkle, spikes are about to rise up. Weapons: Your starting weapon is a light machine gun, but you can temporarily pack-a-punch your weapon to be stronger. Additional weapons will spawn on the map from time-to-time. For the sake of the guide, I will be using generic names, e.g. China Lake will be Grenade Launcher. In order to pack-a-punch a weapon, you can pick up additional weapons of the same kind. If I pick up a grenade launcher, a gun icon will appear underneath my score. White: Not pack-a-punched. Red: Pack-a-punched. Purple: Pack-a-punched II. The icon will slowly fade revealing the next color. Purple will go to red then white and then you will lose the weapon when the icon disappears. Afterwards, you'll get your LMG back. Shooting the weapon will speed up the rate the color disappears. If at any time you want to drop the weapon, you can press Circle. Combat: Enemies can be engaged using weapons, speed boosts, and nukes. When you enter into a game, you will start with 3 Lives, 2 Speed Boosts, and 1 Nuke. After using them, you will receive 1 Speed Boost and 1 Nuke when beginning a new round. Lives do not replenish when beginning a new round. In order to obtain more, you must pick up a speed boost, nuke, or extra life power-up. Each is capped at 9. -Speed Boosts will clear out enemies in your path and grant you brief invincibility. -Nukes will kill all enemies on the map, except for bosses and a special type of enemy introduced on Round 49. If you already have 2 nukes when you complete a round, you will not receive an extra one. However, if you have 0 nukes, you will receive 1 when the next round starts. Aside from weapons, boosts, and nukes, enemies can be defeated using traps and power-ups. Traps vary from map to map and will switch from active to dormant. Traps can kill many zombies, but they can also kill you. -Electric Poles (Very common throughout the game) -Flogger (Common in the Wild and on Map 2) -Grinder (Common in the Wild and on Map 2) -Spikes (Only in the Wild) -Explosive Barrels (Start appearing from Round 9) -Fireballs (In the Wild and on Map 15. Can only hurt you. Not zombies) -Fire-breathing Dragon Statues (In the Wild and on Map 15. Can only hurt you. Not zombies) Power-ups -Power-ups can make or break a round. It's crucial that you pick them up. Power-ups are divided into 4 groups. Offensive -Chicken - Gives the player a chicken who will fire the same weapon the player is firing. Can be stacked. -Turret - spawns a turret that can kill enemies -Black Hole (Looks like a stone shield) - will create a black hole killing enemies -Missile Launcher - spawns a missile launcher that will target enemies and kill them -Bubble Launcher - shoots out bubbles which hit zombies -Attack Helicopter - player controls an attack helicopter which grants invulnerability and causes massive damage -Tank - (See Helicopter) -Mech - (See Helicopter) -Arcade Cabinet - Electrocutes enemies and grants access into the side scroller bonus room Defensive -Grandfather Clock - Slows down enemies when they walk into it's radius indicated by pulsing blue circles. When the circles turn yellow, it's ending. -Yellow and Orange Shield - Turns enemies into allies (?) -Teddy Bear - Repulses enemies -Skeleton - Spawns skeletons who distract enemies -Top Hat - Spawns decoys who distract enemies -Shoes - Gives the player increased agility -Saws - Gives the player a saw which circles the player warding off enemies (Can be stacked) -Metal Ball - Gives the player 4 metal balls which circle the player electrocuting enemies which get close (Can be stacked) -Barrel - Gives the player a barrel which circles the player hitting enemies close to it (Can be stacked) -Boxing Gloves - Gives the player two boxing gloves (Rapidly move the right stick in circles to spin the boxing gloves and hit enemies) Weapons -LMG -Chain Gun -Ray Gun -Rocket Launcher -Grenade Launcher -Shotgun -Saw Gun -Ammo Box - Grants pack-a-punch -Pack-a-punch pad (looks like a teleporter) - Player can stand on the pad and pack-a-punch their current weapon -Picking up additional weapons will pack-a-punch them (One weapon - white, No PaP / Two weapons - red, PaP I / Three weapons - purple, PaP II) Miscellaneous -Buddha Statue - Extra life to all players in the session -Nuke - Extra nuke to the player who picked it up -Lighting Bolt - Extra speed boost to the player who picked it up -Treasure (Gold bars, Silver bars, Coins, Rubies, Jewels and Gems) - Increases points. Every 200,000 points, the player will receive an extra life -Magnets - Pulls treasure closer to the player -Crumpled Umbrella - Gems will fall onto the map -Rectangular plate with the Face of a King - Grants first-person view to the player (Easily the best power-up in the game) -Keys - allows the player to open doors and chests in "The Wild" and in Bonus Rooms -Eggs - White eggs will distract enemies and may grant a minor reward like treasure. Gold eggs will usually give the players an extra life. Make sure to wait for the egg to hatch before claiming the reward -Wrapped Gift - Random rewards like nukes or an extra life, but most often will spawn 3 spiders who will try to kill you Perks and The Room of Fate -After completing Round 20, you will enter "The Wild" and climb up a mountain defeating enemies and a boss along the way. Once you kill the boss, there will be a small hole at the summit. Drop into the hole, and you'll be in the Room of Fates. There will be four podiums. Touch one of the podiums, and you'll be given a perk. The perks are random. -Furious Feet - Increased agility and 2 speed boosts each round -Divine Chalice - Respawn timer when out of lives reduces from 60 seconds to 30 seconds, faster revive time when standing next to downed teammates -Protection - Gives the player a saw or barrel power-up and 2 nukes each round -Fortune - Gives the player a permanent 2x multiplier -Firepower - Gives the player a Chain Gun and makes weapon power-ups last longer -Friendship - Gives the player a Chicken and makes Chicken power-ups last longer -Possibly more... (Edited based on JerryAppleby's comment) The Perks are permanent in the game session it is received. If a player leaves and rejoins, they will lose their perk. Furious feet is probably the best perk to have, especially for solo runs. Additionally, it is possible to access the Room of Fate when you first enter "The Wild" after round 4. However, this requires several keys. If the Room is accessed at this point, "The Wild" portion after Round 20 will be skipped. Bonus Rooms: Random Bonus Rooms will occur in between rounds and give you a timer to pick up power-ups and treasure -Hangar - Gives Helicopter, Mech, and Tank power-ups. There are 4 nukes on the sides of the hangar -Store - Gives defensive perks like Metal balls, saws, barrels, and magnets. There is a package in the upper right which can be opened with a key and will give you extra lives. There are two nukes hidden in the bottom and two speed boosts behind the counter. You may notice the magnet pulling them closer to you. -Treasure Room - Just a lot of treasure. Also has a chest (key needed) which gives you more treasure. A good opportunity to get 200,000 points -Egg Room - Several white eggs hatch giving the players either chickens, gems, or speed boosts -Dungeon - The dungeon has some treasure and power-ups in the first room, but it can be further explored for additional treasure. (Too risky for a Fidolina run) -Sidescroller - Can only be accessed if you found an Arcade Cabinet in "The Wild." Players will play a sidescoller mini-game which has power-ups (nukes and extra lives) as well as treasure. Lives cannot be lost in this mini-game -Nuke Room - Can only be accessed if you visited the "Kaboom Room" in "The Wild" (either 1st or 3rd visit). There are 12 nukes in the room -Possibly others... Guide General Tips: -First-person mode is unbelievably helpful. When in first-person, you can take more hits than normal and you can sprint. Whenever you see it, pick it up. (Personal aside: When I first picked up FPS mode, I absolutely hated it. I would always switch back to top-down, but eventually I got used to it. It's really good.) -Furious feet may be the best perk. You can outrun zombies and kite them around the map -Some weapons will turn zombies into crawlers. Watch out for them. -Mamaback randomly spawns when a round is completed. She will roam around the map and take treasure. Stay out of her way and don't shoot her. If she hits you, you'll lose a life. She will eventually disappear and you can start the next round. Or you can try to start the next round immediately and avoid her altogether. -Coordinate nukes as a group. Have one player call nukes for the group, so that 2 nukes are not used at once. You can do the same with boosts. When your team is getting overrun, the nuke caller will tell someone to nuke and just repeat that. Nukes are vital for a successful run, so you want to get the most out of them. -Boosting grants you brief invincibility, so use that when you need to get through a group of zombies. It's helpful to use it in FPS mode too. -Get the power-ups. Every time a round starts, there will be two power-ups. Make sure to pay attention when you see more drop throughout the round. They can be the difference between a trophy and 5 wasted hours. -Talk to your teammates. Call out power-ups, call out enemies and where they're coming from, and just make sure everyone is on the same page. -Change your camera height (use Triangle). I personally use the highest camera because I can see where zombies are coming from. In "The Wild," you can change your camera angle using the d-pad which makes it easier to see enemies and trips (especially useful for the 2nd visit). -If a player who is out of lives goes down, they'll have a minute-long timer before they revive. If players stand near the downed player, it will speed up recovery. In the midst of things, you can also donate a life. Donating a life gives the donator a bunch of power-ups at once and can really turn a battle around. -Anticipate moves. Look for openings. Make openings in a line of zombies with your weapon. If you have a trail of zombies following you and you run into more coming from the other direction, look for openings first to get out. If there are no openings, boost out. Rounds 1-4: The Beach (Map 1) -The beach is pretty straightforward. Just kill the enemies. Nothing too difficult here, but try to collect as much treasure as you can. The Wild (1st Visit) -You will spawn in a temple-like area. There will be a green icon on your hud. Follow it to find a teleporter which can take you to the next round. Personally, I usually boost past the enemies to get to the teleporter as quickly as possible, but you can explore the areas on the left and right to find treasure, nukes, boosts, or extra lives. Beware of the spikes! Rounds 5-8: The Jungle (Map 2) -This map has two grinders and a flogger. It also introduces new enemies called the gladiator. Stay back from them. They can throw projectiles (indicated by a reticle on the ground) and lunge at you. Do not run towards them if you see the reticle as their projectile may hit you. Try to funnel the enemies towards the traps. Keep moving around the map. Rounds 9-12: The Shed (Map 3) -This map introduces explosive barrels and electric poles. Make sure to shoot the barrels until they explode so they don't kill you later on. Move around the shed and try to get enemies to run into the electric poles. Rounds 13-16: The Staircase (Map 4) -This map has a semi-circle staircase which fills up 1/3 of the map. Use the staircase to funnel enemies. When in trouble, use your boost to return to the ground floor. Rounds 17-20: The Arena (Map 5) -The first round is the hardest here. The map introduces enemies which can spawn from the ground. In round 17, the first 2 waves will be slow, but the following waves of enemies will move quick. Save for your nukes for those waves. The Wild (2nd Visit) -You'll spawn at the base of a mountain with a door blocking further process. Use your key to open it (If you don't have a key there will be one just left of the starting area). Move up the mountain destroying the big heads (breeders) and avoid the traps (there are floggers, fireballs, and fire-breathing dragon statues. It usually takes fireballs 2 hits to down you). You'll see a new enemy type here as well which look like yellow crawling zombies. They leave behind a yellow pool when they die which can hurt you and reduce your agility if you walk through it. This area has extra lives, keys, nukes, and treasure. At the top of the mountain is a boss. The boss looks like a giant wolf. The wolf will lunge at you, spawn ghost wolves to attack you, and can regenerate it's own health. Focus all fire on the boss as you backpedal down the mountain. Once the boss is dead, you can open the pink barrier and enter the small hole which leads you to the Room of Fates. (See "Perks and Room of Fates" for more information). Rounds 21-24: The Chasm (Map 6) This map is a rectangular area with a large purple hole in the middle. There are some power-ups in the hole which can be obtained by using the magnet or dropping down into them (If you drop down, you'll lose a life). A new enemy type appears in this map which is Corvus (from BOIII). Corvuses will fly up from the hole as a pack of crows before turning into a black spectral figure. The enemy cannot harm you when it is traveling as a pack of crows. Sometimes, they also lay on the ground and can be hard to spot. The first round here has the most corvuses. Rounds 25-28: The Water Shrine (Map 7) This map has a central platform surrounded by a river. Players can swim in the river, but it's a bit slow. Try to stay in the central area. The first round will also introduce ghosts who can appear anywhere on the map. When you see a spark blue, immediately start shooting at the ghost. They can also spawn on top of you, but, as of the new patch, this will kill them. Rounds 29-32: The Geothermal Pool (Map 8 ) This map will start with a boss fight. Have players nuke to wipe out the enemies and focus on the boss. The area has a walkway around the map which can be accessed through stairs. It can be helpful in a pinch, but don't go up there unless you have a boost or nuke to help out. Rounds 33-36: The Creek (Map 9) This map is not very complicated, but it does introduce electric zombies (they don't really do much). Use the rocks to funnel zombies towards the electric poles. Not a very difficult map. The Wild (3rd Visit) This one is completely optional, so I recommend skipping it. Nevertheless, there is a room in this part with several nukes which may come in handy in the next two maps. Similar to the first wild visit, just follow the green icon. There's an skeletal mammoth boss, but you can skip it. Rounds 37-40: The Ice Rink (Map 10) Now things get really hard. Players will slide and have to avoid electric poles and the crawling yellow zombies. Try to control your movement as much as possible. Either stay in the center or circle around the edges of the map and use boosts to break through when you get surrounded. Rounds 41-44: The Blood Pool (Map 11) Undoubtedly the hardest map in Dead Ops. The first round introduces meatballs (rolling balls of death which can land on you and then will split into smaller meatballs when you shoot at them). The meatball round is the easiest of the four. The other 3 have red zombies. What makes it difficult is that the zombies match the color of the pool. It can be very difficult to spot them, and they often spawn right next to you. Additionally, they move very fast. I recommend moving around the outer edge of the map nuking when things get overwhelming. Also, use the two shores to get some distance from the zombies, but be careful because enemies might spawn behind you or right next to you. First-person is a godsend on this level. If you see it, pick it up immediately. There are nukes on a wall on the side of the map. You need a speed boost to pick them up. Additionally, I do not like using the high camera for this map. It's too hard to see the zombies, so personally, I recommend the default camera for this map. Rounds 45-48: The Graveyard (Map 12) A nice break from the previous map. This area has an elevated central altar. The first round has a boss fight (The wolf from the 2nd visit to the Wild), but the boss won't spawn immediately. Focus on killing the zombies first, then focus on the boss. The next 3 rounds are not bad. Use the central altar to cut across when things get messy. Rounds 49-52: The Castle (Map 13) The first round is the toughest as it introduces new gladiators who are immune to nukes. They can still be killed by speed boosts though. Use the stairs as a bottle neck and speed boost out when you get overrun. For the other 3 rounds, go back to the stairs and have two players shooting down and two up. When it's looking dire, nuke and get back to positions. After nukes run out, keep moving with speed boosts. Rounds 53-56: The Lawn (Map 14) Completely ignore everything else on the map and look for a reclining lawn chair. Walk over it to get past the fence and bushes. This area in the corner is perfect for shooting zombies. They will only come directly in front of you. Sometimes a ghost will spawn in this area, but it's rare. If you get overrun here, nuke and keep firing. 4 easy rounds. Rounds 57-60: The Bear Rug (Map 15) This map has fireballs raining all over. Get your team to walk up the stairs and position yourselves on the bear rug. Most zombies will come directly in front of you, but you'll also get zombies from the top and bottom. Boosting down the stairs is a great way to clear out zombies. The Wild (4th Visit) Whichever players have the most lives should remain at the beginning of the map as an anchor. As long as this player is alive, the others will be able to respawn. The other players need to fight through the wild and fight a Giant Skeleton. This is tedious, but it's a safe way to have at least 1 player going into the next round with many lives. Just like the Wolf from the 2nd visit. You need to kill the boss before you can open the barrier. Rounds 61-64: The Mamaback (Map 16) The round starts with a boss fight: a Margwa. Focus on the boss alternating between nuking the zombies and shooting the margwa. Once the Margwa dies, run laps around the maps leading the zombies into the electric poles. The map is small, so use your boosts to get out of rough spots. The second round here is similar. The third is similar, but it's nighttime. The zombies can be a bit harder to see here. For the last fight, you need to fight off the zombies first before Mamaback arrives. You then need to juggle moving, shooting zombies, and shooting the Mamaback. Whittle down her health to 0 and the trophy is yours. NB: Some players have noted the Mamaback may be defeated before her health goes down to 0. Tricks and Glitches Unfortunately, there are not a lot of tricks or glitches, but the main one you can use is to have players (not the host) leave the session and rejoin to reset their lives to 3, boosts to 2, and nukes to 1. However, this will remove the players perk from the Room of Fates. It can also cause connection issues leading to a black screen or a blue screen. If it is done, try doing it at the end of rounds not in the middle of a round. However, if your connection is good and a player can quickly jump out and jump in during a round, you can rain nukes. A player can not rejoin during "The Wild" sections. A Note on When to Join: Prior to patch 1.06, you usually had to wait until the Mamaback appears during the cutscene to join. But after the patch, you can immediately join as soon as the cutscene appears. You can also join on a round which ends with a teleporter, e.g. 8, 12, 16 (not sure if it works on 4, 20, 36, and 60), which was not possible prior to patch 1.06. Despite this, many players still have difficulty joining and often get a black screen with a game tip at the bottom. If this happens, you may need to close the game application and then open it again. It may take the game a few seconds to recognize the player has left the session, so wait a bit for the "Quick Join" prompt to reappear. Alternatively, you can repeatedly open and close the Social menu until you can join or use a Game Invite accessed through the XMB. PS5 players can also join much faster than PS4 players. (This section has been added to address ReaperReborn's comment) Final Note This trophy sucks, but put some practice in. You're most likely not going to get it on the first try or even the second or third. Learn the maps. Learn how to move around zombies. Learn how to use FPS mode. Coordinate boosts and nukes, and you'll get there. Good luck everyone.
  8. Looking for 2 Experienced players for "Reunited with Fidolina." On Round 39 now. Have previously gotten to round 61. Looking for similar players (Have reached rounds 50+). Message Athenacas on PSN.
  9. PSN ID: Athenacas. Message me on PSN. Trophies: "Seal the Deal" and "Reunite with Fidolina" Any timezone is okay for me.
  10. Co-op Boosting Thread Please include: Your PSN ID Online Trophies You Want Your Timezone
  11. Hey everyone, the forums been a bit dead, so I thought I tried to put together a guide for the zombies mode. I'd like to edit it as information comes in. The guide is not complete, but message me on PSN (Athenacas) if you want to try to get any of these. I'm focused on Dead OPS at the moment. Die Maschine Trophies: Heavy Metal In Die Maschine, forge the Pack-A-Punch machine. -For this you need to turn on the power, open an anomaly, and acquire the pieces for the Pack-A-Punch machine. (This is a clear guide from SHIIFTER on how to complete it) Carpe D.I.E.M. In Die Maschine, free the lost Decompressive Isotopic Estrangement Machine. -This is the wonder weapon for the Die Maschine: (The video is from TheGamingRevolution) Seal the Deal In Die Maschine, close the rift. -This is for completing the easter egg for Die Maschine. There are several video floating around youtube, but honestly they're a bit confusing. However, it does appear to be much easier than some of the more recent EEs. I recommend getting a feel for the map first: Get the wonder weapon and get the pack-a-punch before trying this one. Two Birds, One Stone In Die Maschine, kill the two split Megatons with one shot. -Around wave 10, a megaton will spawn. Kill it, and afterwards it will split into two. Whittle both down, and then use the wonder weapon, shotgun, or an explosive to kill both with one shot. Seems to be easier to do this one solo. Socket-to-me In Zombies, upgrade a skill -Pretty straightforward: After you play for a bit, you'll receive aetherium crystals. Go to "Loadout" then "Skills." You can choose which skills you would like to upgrade. Personally, I chose "Perks" and selected "Jugger-nog" Tier I Six Pack In Zombies, upgrade 6 Perk Skills to Tier III -Like the Previous Trophy, but you have to upgrade all Perks to Tier III. -The Perks are: Jugger-nog Speed Cola Quick Revive Stamin-Up Elemental Pop Deadshot Daquiri -You'll need to be level 51 and have a total of 36 Aetherium Crystals to upgrade everything, so this one will take a while. Nightmare at 20 Feet In Die Maschine, kill 100 enemies without leaving the top of the crashed plane wing -In the other outdoor portion of the map, there will be a broken plane. Stand on the plane and kill 100 enemies. Not sure if nukes affect this or if it has to be done consecutively. Personally, I had 45 kills, fell off, got 20 more, someone hit the nuke, and then the trophy popped. Entamaphobia In Die Maschine, stay in the Yard for 15 rounds -Stay in the starting location for 15 rounds. The 15th round must be completed. You can go down, but I'm not sure if you can die. Shotgun or MP5 is useful here. Run in circles around the area and turn around every so often to take out the zombies. Watch out for plaguehounds. They can screw up your run. Craftwork In Die Maschine, craft 14 different types of items in one match. -Don't have this one yet, but at the crafting tables there are 14 items. You need to craft all of them in one match using the materials dropped from zombies. Zombies will sometimes drop blue or green materials which you run over to pick up. Will probably take a while because the items are unlocked by reaching certain ranks. Dead OPS Arcade: Fowl Five Piece Get a chain of 5 chickens strung together in Dead Ops Arcade. -After you are teleported into "The Wild," follow the path up to a gate with spikes popping up from the ground. Wait for the spikes to drop down and then move towards the right side of the map where you'll find an entrance. You'll be taken to a Bonus Area where you can cross a catwalk on the right side of the map to a small box which contains the chickens. (From GunShotTrophies) Survive the Wild Escaped from the deep dark Wild. -After round 4, go through the portal and follow the green indicator all the way to the top of the map. You'll find a portal. Go towards it, teleport, and the trophy will pop. I used the boosts to get there quickly. Reunited with Fidolina Defeated the Momaback and saved your dear friend. -Complete Round 64 in Dead OPS Arcade Forever Fated Found your destiny in the Room of Fate. -Not sure Dungeon Diver Visit every corner of a Deadly Dungeon. -After you're sent to "The Wild," head up towards the gate with spikes and turn left. Follow the path to a dark gate where you will fall down a hole. Inside is a Deadly Dungeon. Simply go through each room and then climb the ladder out which can be found at the bottom of the map. A room has been "visited" when it turns from dark blue to light blue. You may need to back track to find each passage way, but there aren't too many. You'll also run into a lot of zombies. Make sure to destroy their hives to stop the spawning. There are two rooms with zombies spawning on elevated platforms, you need to just enter the room, so it turns to light blue on your mini-map. You don't need to kill all of the zombies.
  12. Trying to get the "Hitting it Off" Trophy Message Athenacas on PSN
  13. Looking for help with the online trophies for the main game (I don't have the DLC). PSN ID is Athenacas. Send a message with "WD2" or something like that in the request.
  14. Looking to get "All's Fair," and "Strength in Numbers." Message Athenacas on PSN. On right now, but will be on most of this weekend.
  15. Hard Easter Egg on The Final Reich. Two of us on right now. Need two more. Message Athenacas on PSN.
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