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  1. Looks like your questions were answered pretty well. The only thing I'd add is that most of the time, if a bot sticks around for the turn, they will go all the way to the river and call any bet you make...you won't get them to fold after that. I have seen bots fold after the flop, though....all it took was a minimum bet/minimum raise from me. When going for your 5 bluffs, this will save you chips...no need to raise 3x-5x like a standard player might in the real world. But if they call you on the flop, then they will stick around until the end, calling or raising anything you do.
  2. Thank you for doing a bit of math! More effort than I'd care to do personally (haha) but really great that you were able to provide this information to us, even though we recognize it is anecdotal. Still....it's data, and that's a good thing.
  3. Given the experience I have playing live for thousands of hands, the situations that occur at the tables in Poker Club occur way too frequently vs. true odds in the real world. Things like four cards to a flush on the board, the bots hitting their 2-outers on the turn and the river to make straights, flushes, and full houses, 4-cards to a full house on the board, etc. These are just a few examples. Yes, these things happen, but they are RARE. And I mean rare. In this game, they occur too frequently. What happens is when the first round of betting goes in and it's time for the flop, the game will choose the player at the table to be the winning player. Sometimes it'll choose to split the pot between two people. Once it chooses that, then the flop, turn, and river will be whatever cards those players need to win. To earn the plat, I put in about 8,000-9,000 hands of poker in this game, and trust me, those situations that I saw repeatedly, sometimes in the same session, far outweigh what I see in the real world. If I had only been playing poker for a bit, then I probably wouldn't notice. But given my experience, I caught on to it pretty quickly. So, I think it's just poor programming on the dev's part; I don't think it's intentional because there are no micro transactions.
  4. Okay, after much debate on discord and over at PSN profiles, I think we finally have a clear understanding of what will unlock this trophy. It's been confirmed by Pviddy, Woopa777, and myself. For this method, ALL credit goes to Pviddy and Woopa777. To get this trophy to unlock: You have to be one of two players left on a table that started with at least 3 players (including you). When you are only two players left at the table you have to get to the river one time, without being all-in. This may unlock naturally during your tour grind, but if it doesn't, here's how you can grind it out pretty easily, posted by Woopa777: I think the easiest way is to start a custom game with these filters: Game Type: Freezeout Buy In: 200 And then press L1 to start against AI's. That starts a 3-person tournament where everyone starts with 200 chips.. Then go all-in first hand. 90% of the time either one or both will call you. 1. If both calls, just leave the game and start a new one. 2. If they both fold, go all in again next hand. 3. If one calls and you win, you are heads-up. Now i believe you need to play one hand where you don't go all-in but get to the river. So just check or call the whole hand. Only scenario number 3 will count towards this trophy, if the info from the Discord server is correct. I hope this helps. I'll monitor this post if anyone has any questions. You can read the full discussion here (page 2 is the most helpful): https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/99396-keep-your-heads-up-bugged/
  5. UPDATE: I now have the plat. WARNING: do not attempt the platinum on this game, period. I am not up for writing a guide, but here are some tips for anyone who is currently struggling with this game. I hope it helps, and I'm sorry that you decided to go for this plat. 1. For all the trophies that require you to get a certain kind of hand or do an action so many times, these will come naturally while grinding the tour, so no need to go out of your way. 2. When spending 20,000 on apparel, you can only buy SHIRTS, nothing else, or it won't count towards the total. Shirts are under the "Apparel" menu on the "My Pro" then "Customize" tabs. 3. It takes about 1.6 BILLION chips to level up a club to 25 (total). There are many clubs already at 25, so do a search and see if there are any out there that will let you join for free (and are not full). Good luck. If you can donate 15 million to a club, your daily bonus will jump to x70, giving you about 3 million chips every day you log in. Try to log in every single day to keep your multiplier going or else it'll drop way down. Great way to build a bankroll. Thank you to cpjoe999 for pointing this out to me. 4. Winning a career total of 100 million chips and donating 50 million to a club are not as difficult as you may think initially...once you start building your bankroll, the later cash tables on the tour will make it easy to grind out the chips needed. 5. The card deal/draw is NOT random. Let me say that again in case the devs or any casual poker player out there wants to argue with me...the card deal/draw is NOT random. The game literally decides who at the table will win every single hand and it'll lay the cards down on the board to make it so. I have spent over 15 years at live card tables in casinos and I can honestly say that this game does NOT use a random card draw. It is 100% rigged. Why? Because the dev's obviously don't know what a random number generator is; there are no micro-transactions, so... 6. I wish I could tell you how to exploit the bots, but I can't easily describe it without writing you a thesis. If you want to grant me a doctoral degree in return, I'll get to work. If not, then the best advice I can give you is to just observe their behaviors and start to exploit them. Once you figure out something that works for you, go to town and rob them of their undeserved chips. 7. Finally...don't start grinding to level 100 unless you've earned all the other trophies. Then, go to the "Mano-a-Mano" event on the tour and blind-shove every hand. When/if the bot folds, you'll get 250XP every time. It's important that you do NOT touch the R2 button to look at your hand...just shove all-in. You'll also get other XP for raising, etc. If the bot calls and you win, you'll get 1,000XP for winning the event. I went from level 88-100 in about 9 hours doing this. Yes, 9 hours. Don't @ me. Thanks for reading. If you have questions about a particular trophy, please do not hesitate to ask. I'll do my best to answer.
  6. Okay, if you are one of the few insane people on the face of the planet willing to attempt this platinum, here is some info to put your mind at ease concerning two of the gold trophies. To get the "Poker Showdown" trophy to unlock, win the PCC Showdown Finale, then, start the tourney again. After the first hand is dealt, the trophy will unlock in 1-2 seconds. Similarly, to get the "Poker Ace" trophy, earn your final stars in the tour so that you have 87/87 unlocked, and then start any event on the tour. UPDATE: after asking my buddy cpjoe999, I actually had to go to the "Ace in the Hole" event to get the gold trophy to unlock. This was after I tried 3-4 events and playing a single hand. So, if the gold trophy doesn't unlock right away, try a few different events on the tour before it unlocks. Make sure you play at least one hand. I hope this helps at least one unfortunate soul who decided to try and plat this. cpjoe999, if you read this, talk me out of it next time...
  7. Update: I now have the plat, unfortunately. Okay...if you're stupid enough to go for this plat, it will take you well over 100 hours and it is extremely difficult. This is mostly due to the idiotic bots and the 100% rigged card deals...I don't care what anyone says OR how much the devs say it's random, it's not...any real poker player (like myself) can tell you that. Finally, there are some extremely buggy trophies. The "Keep Your Heads Up" bronze, which claims that you need to go "head-to-head" 100 times with any opponent....I have over 6,500 hands and tons of hours played and this trophy still hasn't unlocked. UPDATE: See my "Keep Your Heads Up" post in these forums for more information. TL;DR: do not attempt to plat this game. Just...don't.
  8. That would make sense if we were paying $$ to be a member, but we're not. I was actually going to start a thread on this, so I'm glad someone else did. I use Chrome on a Mac to view this site, and I agree....the ads seem to be a bit worse than they were before. I've had a Cyberpunk ad cover my entire screen just a few minutes ago and then another one for Shopify. That never happened to me before the update. Controversial opinion, but I'd actually be in favor of a small subscription fee per month to remove ads, especially if we can continue to develop the community here. I'm actually thinking about moving to other playstation sites as a primary source of information for trophies and guides if the ads continue in this fashion.
  9. UPDATE: Well, it looks like you only need to play on "hard" difficulty for the Destiny Dominated trophy. Also, you can mop up everything else on easy.
  10. Hello everyone! For the "Decked Out" trophy, the description is a bit misleading. It says that you need to build everything on your boat at least once. But, what it actually means is that you need to have at least one building on your boat at the same time....building everything once suggests you can build it, then remove it....if you do this, it won't trigger the trophy. At least one building of every type needs to be on the boat at once. One issue you might run into is with the "Guest House" that you build at the start of the game. Much later on, the Guest House will be upgraded into something different (I won't spoil it here). After I *thought* I built everything on the boat, the trophy wouldn't pop. If you want to know what it changes into and a more explicit example, visit the following link: What you need to do is make sure a "Guest House" is on your boat. Because it changed into something else during gameplay, you need to re-build the Guest House. Once you do (and have at least 1 of every structure on the boat), the trophy will pop. Hope this helps!
  11. neeber and XBL_Unreal; I sent you requests. As I stated, I'll be available in the evenings and on the weekends. If you see me on, send invites and let's do this!
  12. Hello everyone: I've got a 110 Ronin and Hunter, looking to do chapters 1 and 2 of the raid. I'm available on the weekends and evenings, Alaska Time Zone (-1 hour from west coast USA, -4 hours from east coast USA). PSN: Timmah200
  13. Hello everyone! So, I really enjoyed this game on PS3 and now I'm earning the plat a second time on PS4. My original experience was virtually bug-free, but I'm currently level 14 and have come across two really game-breaking bugs. I'm starting this thread in hopes we can begin a conversation and help each other out. I can't imagine there's a lot of people playing. The first bug is a plat-stopper if you can't fix it. Here it is and how I was able to get by: . The second bug happened in Webwood, at the town. When you arrive, you have to clear spiders out and then talk to an NPC. Well, this guy died during the spider attack, so now I have a quest in my journal with an icon over the guy's corpse and no way to advance the quest. Luckily, it's just a side quest and can be ignored, but if anyone has any solutions, let me know. Reloading a save isn't an option for me; I saved over it on accident..didn't realize the guy was dead.
  14. So, I earned the plat on PS3 when the top difficulty was "Hard." In this version, they've added a "Very Hard" difficulty. I know the trophy description still says to complete the game on hard, so I'm assuming that we don't need to play on "Very Hard." Can anyone confirm this? Also, I plan to complete the main quest and then drop to easy for the DLC and clean-ups. Should work, right?
  15. Was coming here after earning the plat a few minutes ago to say exactly this. An absolutely beautiful game that gamers should most definitely play. Words cannot describe....just, do yourself a favor and play it.
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