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  1. If you have VR do that first. It's bloody brilliant. I've tried it without Vr & it comes across a bit boring & you feel detached from the experience. Do VR first as it will keep you on edge, you need to do multiple play through a if you want the trophies so you can then play it in normal mode as the game will have lost its ability to scare you as you know what's coming. Yes graphics take a hit but you can't beat the immersion VR gives, you honestly feel afraid and helpless.
  2. Why would the add a plat? As a game ever had a play added at a later date? I don't see what it really matters tbh, as long as you enjoyed he game that's all that matters
  3. Yep I've also had this issue after a revive. Small issues that can be sorted by a patch.
  4. No that's just a silly reply, the controller works fine otherwise it would happen all the time & not just during that scenario.
  5. First off great game, but I come across a little glitch yesterday which happened 3 times. So I throw a gas granade in direction of enemy and as soon as he throws I aim down sight of gun, but for some reason you can't shoot unless you let go of L2 & the re aim. A little frustrating as it got me killed the first time, the gun just doesn't fire. Has anyone else had anything like this?
  6. Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare (Digital Code) With Terminal Bonus Map for PS4
  7. You don't need to back up your save. After you finish jut hit continue & replay the last part of chapter, then choose other ending.
  8. Buy the game when it's released and I am sure you would have got it in plenty time? Did you wait for it to be £5?
  9. This just won't pop for me, I've been watching at the vent for well over 60 seconds without moving and nothing
  10. FFS I tried this and still they won't pop. Only need Hard & Crushing
  11. It does suck. Cba to play through it all again tbh. Annoying otheres still manage it to pop too. Lucky for them. I have every chapter that says completed on crushing so I don't know what else the game wants.
  12. So nobody has any idea on my issue above then? I'd like to get the play since I did the remasters but I don't want to play through the whole game again at all.
  13. Could you please clarify what you mean? Maybe list the exact process you did? I get the over writing the save as I was doing this anyway yet it still doesn't pop for me. You say you killed a few just in boat then let it auto save? Just the first boat that blows up then quit out? Did you delete all patches etc?
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