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  1. This trophy reminds me of Dante's Inferno...very easy trophies and plat, then the add a brutal DLC trophy forcing you to learn how to be pro at the game (It's In The Trial) That trophy is extremely rare considering the rarity percentage goes by % of people who own the DLC and not the game in general. I want it!!!!
  2. Nice job, Snake - I saw on PSNP you were the 1st legit person to finish this, the other dude glitched it, I'm pretty sure accidentally. Anyways, thanks for the tips, I will put these strategies to use over the holidays and add any insight I find. I also found the xbox cheevo foums useful as linked earlier.
  3. Hi, I'm on PSNProfiles and have been a long time member of this site, I don't have this game, but we have had a lot of people posting a platinum in 2 minutes or less on this game. Is this possible through co-op or other means not utilizing game saves or hex editing? (reasonably legit methods or honest mishaps) I appreciate any insight.
  4. I think I sold the Rusty Sword on accident because I was at my equipment limit and was purging out weak stuff. Is this possible?? I thought if it were important it would just go into my Key Items. I went to get Auron's celestial weapon at the lord Mi'ihin statue and now I can't. Yes, I have the Celestial Mirror and I have got other Celestial weapons. I'm positive I picked it up. Went back and it wasn't there anymore. EDIT: Of course, I'm an idiot - I was at the wrong statue. FYI Rusty Sword doesn't appear in your inventory, not even Key Items, that's what also got me scared.
  5. It was super easy for me, I did it on the 1st try. What's the big deal? Just kidding, I hate unhelpful posts like that - all they do is aggravate those who are looking for solutions. What worked for me: You should aim for 12 or 13 balloons and 0 or 1 hit. Must get 4 balloons on the top slope (you get a decent crack at this more times than not) Stick to the center/right in the 2nd stretch. Set the birds up so you are in the center when they spawn and go all the way right to dodge them. I do not advise trying to get anything on the left half of the route. Ideally you get 3 or 4 balloons on this stretch. On the turn into the 3rd and final stretch, DO NOT BE IN THE MIDDLE OR LEFT. You will get spawn juggled by birds 2-4 times and will make you very pissed off. Stay on the right-outside and hopefully there are some easy balloon spawns on the outside to middle, work your way back to the middle fairly quickly. I found I had to zig-zag quite a bit in this part to avoid the bird spawns, and have a bit of luck to grab balloons while doing so. This part is the most random and will usually dictate success or failure. You also will need to get 3 or 4 balloons on this stretch depending on how many you already have of course. Stay away from the left side before the end or you may get nailed by birds. My time was 34 seconds on a clean run, 12 balloons 0 hits. (in 50+ tries I only had 2 runs where I never got hit) Good luck to all - btw I did this on the Vita if it means anything to anyone.
  6. Nice find, thanks. I can't believe I didn't get a guide like I always do for FF games. Whattan00b.
  7. Are there any good online English walkthrough guides (free or otherwise) yet?
  8. Yes finally got the prize bubbles in the Hero Race minigame and also 70X multiplier after about 100 tries Thanks!
  9. LOL I was in full panic mode Yes, I need the bubbles for the two highest tiered scores in the Hero Race. I will work on those today as I'm sure it will come naturally with the 70X multiplier. You should add that little detail into your guide that those are in fact required. Thanks for the quick response, I really appreciate it.
  10. Ok, so I followed the guide. I got 100% Prize Bubbles in the following levels: Introduction Trouble At The Temple A Chemical Overreaction Ice Cold In Alaska An Appointment With Doom The Watchtower And I have the bubbles for completing the levels with 'All Gifts' What gives? I saved the ones for Watchtower last. Not sure if I need to 'complete' this level as I dont think that's even possible. I have 7/7 Levels completed Do I need to get all the bubbles in Hero Race? In 'My Pins' it says I got 98/100 and there are 5 icons, the last one is greyed out. Any ideas? All levels show I got all bubbles... replayed all the levels, nothing. I may have to delete my game data and start over.
  11. LOL SO FRUSTRATING - Just beat the game on Experienced after about 100 tries and multiple days and no trophy for that lol - I guess I better read up 1st next time. I guess the good thing is that it doesnt really matter since you have to beat the game without losing all your lives on Experienced anyways. I think the guide needs clarifying (unless I just happen to miss that)
  12. lol dude not to sound gay... but your completion ratio is HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  13. Fatal, 1st off excellent guide - BUT - with 1 playthough to go, I have some suggestions for the somewhat complicated and difficult to follow walkthrough. KISS - Keep It Simple Sir 1. Playthough the game on Normal 2. Playthrough the game on Hard 3. Playthrough the game on Infernal 4. Clean up on infernal while working towards Level 99 while getting all other trophies except clearing w/other toons. Dont bother grinding routes too much (if at all) to handle Hard or Infernal. I found that not necessary at all. I was clearing B route 10+ levels under the boss level. I beat the Arch Demon at Level 90 without much problem with a decent DMG to and DMG against Demon gear. Let all the other idiot NPC's die. 5. Load up 3 new toons of different classes and make sure one of those is in slot 1 (so you start the story mode from scratch) Load up your level 99 character in the remaining slot (that you will control) and mow through the game in about 2 hours letting all the other controllers idle along. 6. Load up the final 2 toons of different classes and make sure one of those is in slot 1 (so you start the story mode from scratch) Load up your Level 99 character in slot 3 (that you will control) leave slot 4 empty and mow through the game in about 2 hours letting all the other controllers idle along. Power Leveling the other toons is totally unnecessary in my opinion. With this method, you don't even have to play with them. Drag the level 1 guys along for the ride in the new playthroughs after you get level 99 and everything else taken care of. It is not a pain in the ass in 1 bit. My Level 99 Warrior had no problems getting through on Normal. While your level is 'scaled accordingly' - I feel like it really wasn't. I still had all my upgrades and was pushing 900 HP with food buffs with top gear decimating bosses in a couple minutes with Strength and Stalwart potions. It didn't matter that there were 3X or 4x of the enemies. Just more carnage at once Plat in about 35-40 hours with this method.
  14. Well I did it the other way around so far and I am not having any problems, started out Level 35 chaining 4 Hard A routes and then I even did two Hard B routes right after that (returning to town 1st) I think your method is a bit conservative, but I guess the good part of your method would be that you get a different character playthrough out of the way? Sorry, I'm having a n00b moment and it's kinda hard for me for some reason to visualize your optimal route. So the three birds you speak of, with 2 controllers would be: 1. Leveling up your original beyond 35 in preparation for completing Hard. 2. Leveling up a new character in preparation for their playthrough 3. Completing a playthrough with your new character. I guess I am confused because you say in step 2 'Level up in Hard A Routes' If you arrange the new character in the player 1 slot, you cannot do Hard A routes, you start on Normal from the beginning.
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