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    United States Marine. Married to Ella McGee. Detroit sports enthusiast.
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    North Carolina
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    GMT-5 Eastern USA
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    Gaming, sports, working out, being with the wifey, hiking, traveling...
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    Ordnance 6531 MOS

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    a bunch of stuff.. Nioh, Rocket League, For Honor, and a myriad of other misc titles for quick and e
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    Color Guardians (I think)
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    Actual Sunlight
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    For Honor platinum (eventually), trying to clear up my back log and play my vita more, as well

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Hey if you add me please put in friend request “code vein 400” or something “playstationtrophies” Thank you
  3. Xxdmcgee2288xX GMT-5; USA EDT Looking for partners in the coming days. Finishing the campaign with my brother first and then will need to grind 400 co-op dungeons/misc- so feel free to add me for quick easy grind
  4. Hey, Happy Birthday...Hope you have a special day...Semper Fi.

  5. Was just messing around and I saw this still downloaded on my ps4.. haven’t played it since like two years ago.. decided, “why not?” Not only did I finally get this trophy after about 5 or so missions on legend difficulty.. after buying the devastor dlc.. got two 12 slot devastator guns on my saboteur playthrough.. unreal
  6. Honestly most of the longer grind trophies can be combined.. i.e. getting the maps with 1000 matches with randoms.. if you actually think about it, and see all the ways you can “play with others” (e.g. progressing through the campaign as scheduled).. it won’t take as long as everyone says it will.. if you smartly upgraded and spent downtime between missions knowing what you had intentions on doing, I say an individual could easily plat in less than 500 hours.. you guys are just looking at the matches played aspect (assuming you always explore 100% of the map, as I do).. the longest trophy will easily be 20,000 mist monsters.. even if you killed 10 monsters a mission, which these aren’t as common earlier on, you would be looking at 2000 missions.. in reality it will be a lot more.. I would like to say that once you get to the final world near the final missions that you will be closer to the Grindy trophies but alas there are some out there that have already beaten the final missions and they haven’t even popped the worst of the trophies days after beating the main campaign
  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. First.. can't bring customized shortcuts to dojo specific missions.. second.. if it's absurdly unlucky, I guess chalk it up to the luck of the Irish because all my gear has luck boosted stat on it and I've been doing everything that the youtube videos tell me to do.. Third.. I'm playing it on the normal difficulty.. does it not drop on the regular Joe Schmoe difficulty? I'm even using the weapon drop kodama blessing and I've tried boosting my item drops % on some pieces of gear, as well
  9. Is there a way for you to drop dual wooden swords? Is that possible? I really need help.. tried to farm dojo "grimmest blades" over two dozen times.. I can't do it anymore.. I can't get these dual wooden pieces of crap.. please help
  10. Need everything. Just looking for people to play with. Just started today. Hit me up if you wanna be awesome and give me all armor and/or all pets or if you just wanna play together and hang out. Also, I have many games. Like other games that I can help you plat in return. Help me, and watch as good karma rewards you. Thanks!!
  11. Curious.. what if I beat the game on digital and then try to play it on a physical copy (rented) to do these exploitable trophies? Hmmm.. anyone tried it? I need digital because me and my little brother, who is several states away, gameshare. I may try this, if not, I will just rent/borrow a copy to knock these trophies out. I HATE speed run trophies on any game. I don't like being rushed and I like to take my time with games.
  12. [spoiler=6847654654]Spoilers.. don't read until after episode one.. So I just started today.. was gonna do episodes 1-5 today.. barely mustered to get through episode 2.. episode 1 man.. why? How could they do that to Kenny? Why would they kill him off like that? Why? It was so poorly written and executed.. it was disgusting.. I got all teary eyed and was about to cry and then I thought.. nah.. eff that.. that's terrible.. what a game breaker.. a fundamental and monumental character that will always be a part of Clem.. a character that pretty much built the momentum of the entire second season and was one of the pillars in the first season.. to what? Get killed while trying to teach a lil girl how to drive a stick shift? And the way they did it.. I'm just disgusted by it.. in the moment I was heated.. I kept asking aloud "why!? Why!!":mad:
  13. Update: so I guess the counts don't matter.. speed run guide helped me net the plat.. don't let the counts distract you so much, and just follow the guide.. as stated above in my previous posts, I missed #23 "disagree" on my first run and on my second the plat still popped right where blaze said it would. Thanks man. Fabulous walk through for a marvelous game.
  14. Oh and another thing is I have 11/14 chapters unlocked.. maybe something didn't register somewhere.. trophy wise I'm on track for the plat. However, "Your decisions" on the main menu doesn't reflect what the guide says..
  15. Followed the speed run guide to a tee.. or so I thought(?)... I'm at 91 decisions made at the end of my first "options" -> "end game" playthrough.. I know for a fact I missed #23. Disagree. Other than that, I'm pretty much 98% sure I did everything else verbatim by the script.. onto my second condensed playthrough, hoping for that plat..
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