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  1. hi can someone help me does the 2500 pap 3 kills have to be all at once?. I'm at over 4000 kills with pap 3 and no trophy
  2. hi im looking for win 10 games in fut co op on squad battles ps5 hallathehitman
  3. hi im looking for someone to help me get 5 online wins please for ps5 psn hallathehitman thank you
  4. is the co driver trophies online?
  5. psn hallathehitman i will be getting game midnight so don't have any trophies yet.
  6. yes they can be boosted with partner, but i think getting league medal is glitched but you can boost online wins.
  7. First visitor message in her

  8. just over 24 thousand miles think its exactly like the trophy in grid
  9. hi could someone tell me if there is any online trophies
  10. online now with a friend if anyone would like to join so we can get online done just send me a request
  11. still looking to get the online races done if anyone could help out
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