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  1. ehm, ps4 controls sucks as this game its made for phones. while touchscreen on vita its like original game. you touch everything without having to point with the stick. 4/10 ps4, 3/10 vita
  2. the fact its a puzzle game doesnt mean its automatically 1/10. there are still levels that requires timing. 1/10 should be reserved for games that can be completed even by impaired people (graphics novels and not timed puzzle games) so please stop abusing it
  3. any idea which will be the total time to 100% with all dlcs included, and excluding 1001 nights?
  4. false. completed today. took maybe 4-5 hours. even less if i figured out before how to do the glitch.
  5. keep a language different than english (italian in my case) to get the glitch that gives u tons of money everytime u login to the game, and disable internet from ps4 settings in order to avoid a total reset like happened to me after almost reaching the 626th achievement. then switch to english and enable internet to boost the 72hours needed to unlock moon. with above settings this trick dont works and the 72h resets every time u login
  6. what a dumb idea to link collecitbles guide instead of writing it as usually. now that link doesnt exist and guide is incomplete
  7. most confusing walkthrough ever. congrats to everyone figured it out. i pass to youtube
  8. 1:30h first stack, 1h the second
  9. Should be noted that this guide is more suitable for EU version as it was never updated (still on 1.00), while NA is at 1.27. I just completed NA and many things are different from this guide (machete, showel etc costs a lot more) while EU is still the same as when the guide was written.
  10. ive already wrote whats goin wrong several times. main problem is that most of the screen is occupied by blank spaces and by user signs. while relevant content its maybe 20% of the total. Continuos scrolling is needed to jump from one info to another. What concerns my "departure": there are 2 kinds of persons. first, most of them, if dont like something, simply goes away without saying nothing. second, like me, complains, tell whats going wrong, then leaves. if i had a business of any kind i would prefer the 2nd kind as they help me to get better and avoid future "departures". problem is that most "business owners" dont like such people (google reviews and tripadvisor are the proof) because are certain his business is already okm but then complains customers leaves... here it seems to be the same, so my question is: what this feedback section is for? now my gate is closing so i have to hurry. ill back from time to time hoping something gets better as i like this forum. but i doubt it will happens ever. seems forum is ok while im the wrong one
  11. When PST 2.0 was released ive wrote here many feedbacks. Answers for some of that were like "yes you re right we, will fix this soon etc etc blablabla". Now after many months nothing changed. This forum is still a total mess. I'm using psnpprofiles as my primary resource (while before PST 2.0, it was my 2nd choice). And im not the only. On new released games there are more posts on psnp than here (while was the opposite). Nothing strange considering tons of already released games are still in the "upcoming" section. I also noticed that now, when i google trophy guides, those from psnp are very often of top while before those at first place was always PST. Congrats! This forum is the perfect example of how ruining something perfect by updating it at any cost!
  12. seems we have another world's videogames champion here. if u rate this game 2/10 then i bet u plat telltale games while blind and without using hands. and of course you re also able to complete souls-like games in one run with no deaths. ridicolous...
  13. how is called this 5bucks purchase on the store?
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