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  1. The Grand Tour Game & Diablo 3 (with necromancer DLC)
  2. What's the verdict on Man of Medan? Yay or Nay? Still not played Until Dawn mind, looking for something that's more story based that isn't telltale tbh.
  3. Finally did my first proper raid in Destiny 2 which was The Last Wish. Took 3 and a half hours with a full fire team of randomers from the LFG on the app. Mariokart 8 Deluxe is taking all my time at the moment, gold Mario grind.
  4. It still is 😂 Congrats on the platinum lad, how many of the CE's did you actually finish?
  5. Sounds like the laser might be dirty, Nothing a qtip and a good scrub won't sort! If you still have issues then replacement drives are really cheap and it's very simple to repair. Look online at a guide if you're nervous. (iFixit are great) Just remember you'll need to get Torx Security bits to open the console, even with the drive and the screwdriver set it'll be waaay more cheaper than getting a repair at a specialist.
  6. Huge mix as always - PS4 - Ratchet & Clank and Destiny 2. (Spyro on the side with the missus) Vita - Severed Switch - Sonic Mania & Hollow Knight PC - CSGO
  7. Who needs an icon when you've got an ego 😁
  8. I also have to agree with @stpattymost triple A games are massively overrated. Didn't find God of War all that entertaining, same with UC4. Dunno if it's just pure backlash from being apart of all the gaming reviewing community and sites like this or if I just find them shite.
  9. Well, I started doing the F2P stuff then realised it's not as much content as I thought. Ended up buying Forsaken and The Witch Queen alongside this seasons pass and currently about 40 hours in. (which for me is a lot of hours @bobthecrazydog😂) Hopefully I can hit the powerful cap before season reset. Not to concerned about GM Prestige this season since don't have a chance to no life the game, still got just under a month til it becomes active so time will tell.
  10. Can totally agree there. My only gripe with the game is that content is A) Pretty expensive B) Seasons have time limits for end game content. Other than that it's really fun!
  11. Never thought I'd get into MMO's but Destiny 2 is really fun. Love the art style and the shooting mechanics. So that's taking all my time right now.
  12. Lovely write up Krid. Really does show how much he meant to you, us the community and his family. Free would always message me, sporadically out of the blue to ask how life was going. He'd always offer to help with various games, mostly co-op but especially Destiny and Saints Row. He was and still will forever be one of the most caring people I've ever had the pleasure of meeting though this site. RIP Free, you've left behind a legacy most of us here will never forget. Until we meet again ❤️
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