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  1. Thank you for all of your hard work on the cars 2 trophy guide! Helped alot! :)

  2. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but Happy New Year to you too Blaze!

  3. Hey Coop! Sorry I didn't reply sooner! I've been so busy over the holidays and I didn't have time to check the site. Here's a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you! :)

  4. http://image.blingee.com/images14/content/output/2007/12/27/321901732_7a0e2808.gif
  5. Merry almost-Christmas, Andrew! :xmas:

  6. Nice! The black pair are much nicer imo. And yeah I did see that, very interesting... Definitely something to keep an eye on.

  7. I ended up getting the black pair without a bot surprisingly! Haha.

    Did you see that the Tiffany SB Dunk Highs are set to release sometime in early 2014?

  8. Yeah I'm doing good thanks. :) Those are pretty cool, did you get the white or black pair?

  9. I'm pretty good actually! How about you?

    I picked up the Ugly Christmas Sweater Nike SB x Concepts collaboration last week.

    The only releases I plan on buying for the rest of the year are the Kobe 8 SS, and the Lebron XI Christmas. I was going to buy those Miami Nights over the weekend, but I decided to go with the Ugly Christmas Sweaters instead, haha.

  10. Hey man, how you doing? Any new pickups recently or still waiting for later releases? I completely forgot about the Taxi 12s release so I missed out on those :(, lol. Did pick up the LeBron XI Miami Nights instead though, very happy with them: http://i.imgur.com/BQCYf1r.jpg


    Now just waiting on those Bred 1s to finish up the year! Though maybe I'll cave and buy the Xmas LeBron XIs, gotta see what they look like in person first (and check my funds after Christmas, haha).

  11. I still consider people with smaller feet to be the lucky ones! I wear a size 12 and if I don't purchase a pair the morning they release, finding them for a decent price is almost impossible! :p

    Either way, there are benefits and drawbacks to having both big and small feet, haha.

  12. Oh right, I completely forgot about those tbh. :o


    Also, I went into town to look at some LeBron XIs today... Smallest size they (and other branches) had was US 9 and I wear an 8. :pout: The drawbacks of having small feet, lol.

  13. I'm not really a big fan of 11s, so I'll be passing on those.

    I meant the Gamma Blue 12s, haha.


  14. Did you mean Gamma Blue 11s? I'm not really sold on them, but saw a picture of them the other day that looked nicer than other pictures I'd previously seen. http://i.imgur.com/0c29xiN.jpg

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