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  1. ^^This. Viper is nasty. A long, loooooooooong range battle with little cover. Other than that note much of a problem.
  2. Noice. Sharpshooter is the one I'm missing. Redownloading patch because I had deleted thinking it didn't work and didn't get the Encounters option. I'll only need the MP and a couple of others I missed now, but having beaten it on hard I have all the bonus available so it should be easier
  3. Since the new event Crimson Days has no matchmaking, I'm looking for a partner on PS4. (Also for Raids which I have never done). PSN ID: mesosteros
  4. Does trophy progress from main campaign carry over? I still have a few to do (No Ticket, Treasure Hunter, Guardian Angel, You Wouldn't Steal a Policeman's Helmet and Without a Grudge) and I'd like to know before I go unnecessarily wasting time mopping up before starting the DLC.
  5. PSN ID: mesosteros Trophies: A winner is you (10 ranked match wins) timezone: GMT 00:00 (London/Lisbon) I'm on right now. This trophy is so stupid because of all the cheaters and poor connections. EDIT: Got it thanks to FaintDMD!
  6. I can go for it. I need it too as well as Redeemer. EDIT: I only need Redeemer now since I got Killing Machine naturally o_0 EDIT 2: Got redeemer as well. Now boosting towards Centurion
  7. Looking to boost: - Redeemer PSN ID: mesosteros Timezone: GMT +00:00
  8. PSN ID: mesosteros Timezone: GMT +1 Looking to boost Support Ops. I'm on right now and I think I am very short of assists for Support Ops.
  9. PSN ID: mesosteros trophies to boost: True Commitment GMT +00:00 (Lisbon, London)
  10. PSN ID: mesosteros trophies to boost: Artilleryman, Down Boy!, Monkey Around, True Commitment GMT +00:00 (Lisbon, London) I'm online right now.
  11. Not sure if troll or just can't read... Bullets - Jail breaker trophy steps 17-18 Powerline - Music Lover trophy steps 12-13
  12. new code: valkoinen gives a lv3 P-90 "Easy Grip", with 113 firepower, 2.19 Firing Speed and 31 of Capacity
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