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    27 years old, live in Scotland, Celtic F.C fan, playing video games since 4 years old
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    United Kingdom
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    Anime, Cars, Video Games
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    Regional Sales Manager

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  1. Looking for boosting partner. PSN is Nikkatsu-Nura UK, GMT timezone
  2. Was trying to avoid buying the disc version but that isoption #7
  3. Iv encountered an issue. I bought this game off PSN and it loads but when it gets to start screen where it asks you to push start it doesnt do anything? 1.Iv reassigned controllers (tried alternative controllers) 2.Reset controllers 3.Contacted Sony who advised to reset console and software (no joy) 4.Contacted the developer 9x and no response 5.Tried a secondary PS3 console (same thing, stuck at start screen) 6.Deleted game and reinstalled - No luck getting past push start screen Any suggestions guys?
  4. Looking to boost all online trophies. PSN is Nikkatsu-Nura UK timezone
  5. Thanks for the guide but it was honestly one of my least favourite Resi game iv played.
  6. Honestly didn't like the layout. Kept pulling out the knife when wanting to aim lol
  7. Was hoping to find a co op partner to finish the story mode and then online trophies. My psn is nikkatsu-nura
  8. Hi guys I'm looking for someone to go through the campaign on co op please. My psn is Nikkatsu-nura
  9. Really silly question but what an earth do you do with those yellow dots collected throughout levels? Can you buy or upgrade something?
  10. This level gave me a bit of bother but I got lucky with the x2 coin and bunched up aroud 10 ghosts and went crazy after scaring them. Gave me a masive boost ad ended up with 160,000 after the 3 cherries were collected.
  11. I agree with what your saying...proper old skool
  12. Gave it a 5. Iv played harder shooters. I can understand why players may give it an 8 giving the fact its just a ported game. Peronally because I had played it when I was younger, I found it fairly easy. Some levels are hard, shame there isnt any checkpoints or I would have gave it a 4.
  13. In all fairness they aren't that bad for a trilogy. Like every old game it has its ups and downs. Personally I think they are quite good for an old game but each to their own.
  14. I agree that this game somehow seems stretched out. Like some.of the above comments, I have spent anywhere up to 15 minutes trying to work out a path to the top of a building lol. Not a bad game, just seems like a long grind.
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