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  1. Terminal Headache Perform 50 headshots with a ranged weapon. First you will need to wait until arcs are available, then once you have one, go inside a building where you can find the weak sleeping zombies and aim at their head. They are asleep and pretty weak so 2 hits should be enough to kill them, just make sure to aim at the head and do that until the trophy pops. important to say that it counts the hit to the head, no need to get a kill
  2. Step 1: You also need to STOP upgrading your Stamina or your Health once you reach Level 12 for each of them then in each trohpy says: When you are at Level 16 for both, you should have a remaining 30 inhibitors which is enough to max out one skill to Level 26 so make a back up save which one is right?
  3. Build It Up Gather half the Alien Alloy on AR-Y 26. I'm half-impressed Wrong video Proper link https://youtu.be/A4McR-Jp1Ck
  4. Thanks I bought psnow for 1 euro for 1 month offer but.... I.am never touching psnow in my life It deleted my save progression and then it only loaded 17% And i could not got to the loo because if you pause it , it kicks you out lol Anyway i got a ps3 and got the game on cd so 100% loading screen. I just wanted the 1 euro psnow month to get 2 games because i am way over playing ps3 games and glitches and freezing and all Greetings
  5. hi when i start the game it only loads 17% trophies and stays like that without reaching 100% and then playing the game i have tried earning 3 trophies and nothing it seems it has only loaded those 17% trophies. Any info? if i open Fallout 3 at the start of the game it loads 100% trophies
  6. not working anymore but found new link https://www.playstationtrophies.org/archive/guides/1/
  7. https://discord.gg/Tny6V4zM
  8. Working with 1.09 you'll get Hardcore and Eternal Voyage Thank you for your time and tip
  9. What a gameeeee I am in love again after the last of us 1 Wow, thank you Sucker Punch 10/10
  10. Play through each region on Marksman difficulty while completing all main objectives, What are all main objectives? ALL CONTRACTS IN THE AREA?.? Edit: yes
  11. Hi I had and now with this new site still have all the notifications enable but i am not getting any email
  12. Why doesn't show the signatures browsing with a mobile phone but then i choose Desktop site version in Firefox, i am able to see them?
  13. Same With my table it is impossible to post read and everything is slooooooow
  14. Rate the game without thinking about the trophies Waiiiiit until you finish the game
  15. Try this a post from psnprofiles.com If you are having trouble with this, getting it the legitimate way, this trick will make unlocking the trophy a piece of cake: pick a short stage like the last one in Rally Sweden, put the difficulty all the way down, just do a proper race (avoid colliding or slipping) and right before the finish, go to "Options" and turn the difficulty all the way up to 150. Resume, cross the finish line, and enjoy the digital bling By JoaLoft
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