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  1. Build It Up Gather half the Alien Alloy on AR-Y 26. I'm half-impressed Wrong video Proper link https://youtu.be/A4McR-Jp1Ck
  2. Thanks I bought psnow for 1 euro for 1 month offer but.... I.am never touching psnow in my life It deleted my save progression and then it only loaded 17% And i could not got to the loo because if you pause it , it kicks you out lol Anyway i got a ps3 and got the game on cd so 100% loading screen. I just wanted the 1 euro psnow month to get 2 games because i am way over playing ps3 games and glitches and freezing and all Greetings
  3. hi when i start the game it only loads 17% trophies and stays like that without reaching 100% and then playing the game i have tried earning 3 trophies and nothing it seems it has only loaded those 17% trophies. Any info? if i open Fallout 3 at the start of the game it loads 100% trophies
  4. not working anymore but found new link https://www.playstationtrophies.org/archive/guides/1/
  5. https://discord.gg/Tny6V4zM
  6. Working with 1.09 you'll get Hardcore and Eternal Voyage Thank you for your time and tip
  7. What a gameeeee I am in love again after the last of us 1 Wow, thank you Sucker Punch 10/10
  8. Play through each region on Marksman difficulty while completing all main objectives, What are all main objectives? ALL CONTRACTS IN THE AREA?.? Edit: yes
  9. Hi I had and now with this new site still have all the notifications enable but i am not getting any email
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