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  1. OK finally start my PS5 Engine (again) well Last of US has a PS4 Pro and even a PS5 Patch so it will be at least in a good Position. still not sure about Catherine. Maybe i go with Plan B and do just later Catherine re-run or whatever im way behind my Games now...
  2. I would like to Boycott any DLC and any Cheap Crap Games. You should ONLY pay for Games that are finished. No half-assed launch. Tell me no Post-launch Bullshit it shoudl be done when its done like in the god old Times where there was no Internet or Bug fixing. THAT IS my favorite Mobile Title.
  3. Funny. I remember verry well back than when Visual Novel who you can get like in 2 Hrs Platinum for skipping was pure Poison. And later it was Ratalaika who is the Pure Evil make Indie Games or ported old Games to current Gen and you need only play the first 3 Levels for Platinum and you can get this in 30 Minutes. But now you buy a Platinum for 1$/€ and press X for 1 Minute and you have the Platinum. The only more way to improve this would be simple starting the Game and get auto pop Trophies. This will come Soon when they run out of Turbos and jumpings So this Evolution of EZPZ is realy intressting. I still play my VN's for the Story and enjoy the Ratalaika Games, but this new Level of non exist Gameplay and Games i dunno. Play it for Events but not more. Imaging the people still playing like 20 Versions of the Jumping Burger so this will be like 30-40 Minutes waste of Time + the download and account swittching Sure they can play and collect what they want, don't judge them, but a simple look on a profile like that and you know what person play what games all day long.
  4. THIS^ Most of my Friends on the LIST are around the World i can not go easy to them and tell them to go out and who no what play Pokemon Go or something But i knew 3 people from here and they do care what others play and archieve. So they kinda miss this feature on PS5.
  5. Maybe after Last of US 1 PS4 Re-Run or something i give Catherine a chance. I mean already finished Story once so nothing to loose anyway and ists a great Game. I have the New Version but not so much like the Platinum Trophy. Well Last of US 1 Remake will mostly liek have the same Trophy pictures but we will see. @Stork77 intressting you enjoy Babel that much. I had only First Unlocking back than but again i was not focus on Trophys so i give up soon since i was thnking this has endless Steps. EDIT: Oh i still playing DJMAX Respect. I switch now to Training Mode means i do the same Missions/Songs over and over again everey Day a few Hrs until i get one done or lost Sanity complete. If im the luckiest Guy in this Forum i maybe still get it done before number 1000# but chance are low and i i have no time to train i skip.
  6. Killzone Mercenary Online Trophys done. Took way longer than i was thinking but not boost Nonstop. Only 2 Days left People. Heads up!
  7. Yeah thats what i read online. I have no second player who is skilled enough to help me here. So swapping might me a option. Well the Game and Platinum don't run away, its realy just a Plan C, cause i want to finaly get my PS5 to runing and Catherine is a PS3 Game But good to see one player who has this so its not impossible i guess.
  8. I also have a Plan C for Number 1000# its simple its my long therm Project Catherine PS3 Platinum. I always want to replay that Game. But the 4 Babel Stages are pure Hell and never got fixed. I have no Idea if a second controller would be help at all since there is a high Luck involed in this and im out of it Has anyone the Platinum in this Game? I know its on some Custom Lists here, i was wondering.
  9. So.... consider to replay Last of Us and play Part II for Number 1000# to finally move on.... im sitting nearly two Months now on DJMAX Respect and can not finish it. Realy frustrating now. Im know this Situation very well. It was Back 2014 when i played Tales of Xillia 2 i was raging about the Bttle God Trophy and decside to do a Break (well it was more a give up) but i decide in 2015 to play it again and give it a try and well it works wonder i was like breezing through the Game Oh and by the Way since than i played everey Game to 100% if possible thats why the Trophy is in my Cabinet but what i want to say it i guess a Break from DJMAX would not be that bad Idea it might be on first thought. Esspecally since i try to hard to archive this for 1000#. I want to play other Games or God beware switch to Switch EDIT: Lets keep talking a bit more lol funny that i do Win with the Egypt Team and do the Killzone Boosting by the Way. But most Times i play the Hell out of this Game. I have try both ways with a normal Controller and a Arcade Stick it seems im more or less equal good/bad with both. Also maybe the 7-9/10 is realy a bit too much in this Rhytm Game Genre to me. I can not be perfect in all Genres Hope i can finaly get move on or at least get my PS5 to work lol i have buyed Black Front Covers now Today this might be help to get rid of the Game
  10. I heard that they also not have the Friends last Activity News Feed anymore on PS5. Many Gamers i know feeling lonely and isolated on the PS5 Menu. Sony realy works on the false end here
  11. still doing everey Day 6-10 Online Matches in Mercenary and i have no idea how much i have played. There was aStatistic on killzone.com but well the Side is offline for Years now. Its realy Sad how Sony threaten their own Legacy so hard but thats not the only Series they got rid of
  12. Im realy bad in .... giving up i even beat the AI now wich should be one of the hardest Trophy in the Game besides the 50 Missions. also im kinda intressted in DEEMO Reborn thanks to the DLC now. Suprise its the Same Guide Team and same Rating. I see where this goes.
  13. WOW the original PS5 Cover Midnight Black is sold out everywhere. Unbeliveable for a Price for 60€/$ thats a Price of a Full AAA Game i have buy a cheap one for 20€ from China and a Hammer will do the Job perfect.....
  14. Walt was no joking making the Guide a 7-9/10 with the DLC. The Missions are in color from light Blue to deep Red for the Difficult. Even Blue gives me trouble and i was wondering why i fail so hard on Orange while i playing Perfect. Seems perfect is not good enough anymore Its always hard to drop a started Game so lets call it i need a Break .... along Break .... i still will Clean Up the Games as possible as it get the Next Week. Than finaly will check my new PS5 if it works lol
  15. https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/13711-train-sim-world-2/ImStylinOnYaBro nothing funny at all. Because of the Huge Amount of Trophies the % is so high even if you miss a handful DLC. Seems correct List to me. Trough it would be funny if you leave it like that i supose If you want see somehting funny than you can look at my DJMAX Profile how i keep failing on the Missions.... verry funny
  16. I get Mercenary done. But not Shadow Fall or i play the Hell out like Honda did
  17. im still loud laughing at my NEW PS5 in OVP and mostly like never get open. Just standing there and collecting dust.
  18. ask Easty my English is to bad for bad language spelling.
  19. Martz the Krid Joke only works ones Sad as i say i could not contribute -.- I think i will stay forever now on 999 Platinums since i absolutely can not get DJMAX done grrrrrrrrrr. Well yeah the Plan B Part would be Last of US 2 since the "every one last of them" and Ellie works 70% for my Profile.... or anything better i have not figured out yet. This keeps me all Night Awake and it get worser Day by Day. Help....
  20. Leaderboard Updated. Nice DOA 5 LR PS3 Version Platinum. I was considering this too. But well too manny Games to less time Fighting Game List is also up to date. Last Game added was MultiVersus.
  21. Well at least Honda help'd out. Honda seems to play with this COntroller Type cause he was Spinning around all Day
  22. Since not anyone is on Discord Channel it seems i would like to do a small Boost on Sunday when everyone should have a little Time. We could check up all multiplayer trophies in a small Group for example. I mean for Mercenaries. Shadow Fall you can do alone except Supplies Boxes
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