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  1. PSN: Meikoro Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Meikoro/log Religion: Egyptain Tribute: Intelligence Spelled: Set S - #35,642 E - #35,662 T - #35,665
  2. I realy should play more PS+ Titles or at least one Men of Medan: Yeah that Title is Aokay. It sucks with this whole Coop Partner need to Play for Platinum? Anything else looks fine in these Games. Crash 4: I play Mario in Auto RUn Mode on Switch and be Happy Acradegeddon: Looks like another Fortnite Games that don't want to be called a Fortnite Game
  3. PSN: Meikoro Log: https://www.playstationtrophies.org/profiles/Meikoro/log ( need to wait or do Magic) Team: Egyptain HUNT: 1 #35936
  4. I remember THL Ratas back last Year when i had over 100 incompleted Games. What a Mess and no Clean Up Event after well ok Christmas was kind of used for this. EDIT: Question: you don't accecpt animal Names like a "Pikaboo" but Fantasy Animals are ok himself? Im on the Hunt
  5. Pig D has no Ingame Shop i think you missed the Point and Apollo will return
  6. i enjoy how subbmissons mess up the System or tell storys in between i was thinking of Pig D and the other Coin collector Games but there are useless in the game so they don't count but we found a Way around.
  7. Was getting about 100 Trophys again Last Minute. We will see. At least the Water Tribute
  8. That was @Velvet last Output on Friday.
  9. I guess we have now a Over"flood" of 1$/€ Platinums. I guess everyone can Spend 20 of these and will survive the Next Day fine
  10. You need these for a Event like this. Even a POWGI game for Spelling is still calssified as a EZPZ Game
  11. wait how long runs the Water? i thought 24 Hrs Event?
  12. Have not requested anything just make Sure Egyptian has the Most Water Trophys or will this Run more than one Time? We have absolute no Idea
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