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  1. Great to see this become an official event, staytrue Sign me up please, if it's not too late?
  2. Update PSN: guylian +2 Mekorama (EU)(PS Vita) Stranded Deep (EU) New Total = 32 / 10 Trophy cards in sig Spoiler! Thanks for maintaining this leaderboard for another year, Ashbo
  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

    1. guylian


      Thank you T! Merry Christmas bud, hope you had a good day yesterday. Wishing you a very happy 2022 :classic_biggrin:🍻

  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  5. Unfortunately I didn't partake in the biggest Game Night of 2016 Slamma has figured it out though, I was also missing the award from the Game of the Year: 2015 Edition event - I would never have remembered that
  6. Nice one Slamz 😁👍 Glad you figured out the other award I was missing You're thinking of the PST League award:
  7. Hey @Slamma I found one of the awards I am missing: 6 people earned the same award. But there were 2 different descriptions, something like: 1."Winner of the EU region Rocket League Tournament", which myself, Danc and Mattigummi won. 2."Winner of the NA/AUS/NZ region Rocket League Tournament" which I Bleed Green, JayPBM and Pike27 won. I was thinking the other award could be for the 12 challenges of Whoville event. Although I only completed 5 challenges, can you remember if the EDs gave the Whoville award to all members who completed 5 or more challenges on the Whoville list? However, if you were going for the Grinch list, you had to complete all 12 challenges to get the Grinch award?
  8. Thanks Jerry. Yes, I think I'm missing two awards worth 1 point each. I remembered one award last night, whilst going through the arena. It was the award for winning the first Rocket League 3 vs 3 tournament, which was before the PST Leagues were introduced. Now I just need to remember the other award .
  9. I had 32 awards on the final day of the old forum, but only have been given 30 awards back. But I can't remember what awards I'm missing. Seeing a list of all the old awards will jog my memory
  10. Hey @Jerry Appleby Did you keep a list of awards members earned? Or did you only keep track of number of awards? I know I had 32 awards before the site was updated, so I'm currently missing two awards, but I can't remember what they are
  11. Are the above awards exclusive to PST Custom List 3.0? Or can I earn them for completing this list?
  12. Signatures I made for my THL 10 team. For those that don't know, I met Dan and Matti in the first PST Rocket League gaming night back in 2015; everyone who signed up were divided in to groups of eight, myself, Dan and Matti were part of Team Group Paladin, and so the name was formed. Hence the Rocket League theme, then we all decided on our favourite super hero and Jerry went with a no ezpz theme. All the images used for each sig can be found in the spoilers below. Matti's signature took the longest to make and is also the longest time I have spent making one signature, at 10 hours+. I experimented with different blending options for the Hulk images overlaying the van, but none gave me the desired effect I wanted; so I had draw the highlights and shadows from the van over the top of the Hulk images, and this is were the extra time was spent.
  13. Finished my wager! I'll hopefully complete one more game and earn a few more ultra rare trophies by the end of the event.
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