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  1. Sony & Panasonic are a joint venture for their OLEDs, and TCL was brought-in with an investment a few years ago. Gen9.5 isn't a theory out in left-field. Their business decisions in the last two years tell a story. Sony TSMC factory on Japanese soil is huge. Home R&D, line priority, and lower costs. TSMC produces all AMD chips for PS5 and Xbox today. It goes online in 2024, and Jim Ryan's graph last week does coincide that they will catch-up to demand somewhere in 2023. Adoption to 8k brings up all the previous tech to a higher standard, just like RTX 3090 is the only one now designed for 8k. 3070/3080 makes makes 1440p and 4k child's play. 8k is slower uptake due to a lot of reasons that are beyond a PS5. The way it works is forced adoption, they just slowly stop producing 4k models and replace with 8k. It'll be involved in gen 9.5, just not likely the big splash like PS5 is with 4k.
  2. It will render internally at 8k, but the HDMI2.1 port will not output at 8k currently, it will downscale to 4k. That's not to say a firmware upgrade can change that
  3. I have no doubt in my mind there will be a ps5 pro, it just might be longer than the ps4 timeline. Too much risk to go 10 years with the same console anymore with several notable advances we know are coming like 8k. Why risk being caught with your pants down if Xbox could come back with the only 8k console with wave 2 of this gen when an AMD upgrade that will practically cost the same as launch models today will be available. When Sony entered into a $500m joint-venture with TSMC to build a fab plant in Japan late last year, felt like they were not only going to lock-in chip capacity for 2024 and beyond, but certainly have some line priorities too.
  4. it's nice and subtle, regardless i just like that the trophy alerts is where it belonged in the first place unlike PS4.
  5. If anything God of War being on plus for a month would be a cost-saving measure for Sony. It's not like they have has to cut a check to themselves to offer. But they are still chugging along selling PS4s, at-least until end of the year.
  6. Reminds me of the early PS3 trophy days when trophy support was optional. We all bugged Insomniac to put the trophies in Ratchet Tools, and Quest for Booty and we got the excuses that they've moved on. If they were a Sony-owned company then they might have gotten the nudge. Even if the lists wouldn't be as diverse since they'd just use simple triggers that were already developed in the old game "have X item in-possession, beat X boss, difficulty, etc" can imagine some titles have minimal involvement because they may had been acquired in a publisher buyout versus still having the OG studio still around like Sony Bend and Syphon Filter. Or Clap Hanz and Everybody's Golf.
  7. Sony Bend developed the OG Syphon Filter series, makes sense they would add the finer things to it. Such a good game. Have to imagine another Bend title, Resistance Retribution PSP could be in the future extra mix too
  8. There is certainly some games in extra I do want to play. Look at it this way, if there are some older exclusives you want, probably won't need to get itchy about a store deal and adding it to backlog things, so eliminating those purchases over time could fund your PS+ upgrade in a sense. As for plus this month, considering EA announced literally days after the reveal they are ending their license with FIFA as a title, probably why milked a PS+ contract. EA FC is sure going to be a weird tone to it.
  9. I'd bet the decision was part of a compromise roadmap of keeping the old PS Stores alive and to lessen intrusion risk going forward. Eject authentication from the consoles that way they can simply maintain it on the web front-end, now you have a single code base that can support the psapp, old and current consoles.
  10. Returning to Killzone makes even more sense as the days go. Might help certain Guerilla devs that were salty on social media over Elden Ring.
  11. I thought about a deck when they first went up for preorder, but when I travel I've always brought my MSI gaming notebook and it does everything just fine. So the use case isn't really there and having a 15' screen in a hotel room is certainly better than a deck screen.
  12. Bought a good amount of Vans + Spongebob line last year, and get many compliments. Good month, and it has online co-op.
  13. That's not good business sense. They spent almost $400 million acquiring the platform for what is the PS3 streaming platform today, PSnow as a result of the Gaikai acquisition years ago. They don't need to spend anymore for a dead console when all the money they make today can just further investment in PlayStation Studios to take on Microsoft. Before someone comes out with "well there is a certain PC app.." it doesn't even read discs or have any network PSN support.
  14. Might move up to extra if the PS5 lineup remains solid. Returnal and death stranding are good titles to start. 1st party titles that have been out for a year or more are projected targets. That's a good return if you can't play everything new that comes out immediately.
  15. PS4 is 6x BD-ROM PS5 is 8x BD-ROM, 10x UHD It's not that much of a difference, so it doesn't always transfers at that speed, that's just the highest rating it can transfer. GT7 is UHD, since it needs the 100GB UHD disc.
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