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  1. i need the coop trophy for the plat GT is barney071986 send message with borderlands japan trophy
  2. This collectable glitched on me. When i picked it up i quit and moved on to the next collectable but the trophy didn't pop so i went back ofr it and it has disappeared.
  3. Every time i try to connect to a turf takeover match it wont connect and boots me to the main screen to log back in.
  4. yeah tried still does it not sure what the problen is maybe ill try to turn off hdr see if that still does it
  5. Has anyone else had the problem where right at the start the first mini boss the one where the person is in the flame robot suit on helios when the clip starts the ps4 fan is really loud then the ps4 shuts off. This seems to be the only game doing it i have tried multiple games including Days Gone and Fallout 76 with no problems:confused: Edit: Im on ps4 pro 4k tv
  6. Same thing happened to me it is strange but wait till it all downloads it works fine
  7. I just messaged game studio and got a reply but no date can't upload screen shot:applause:
  8. Just wondering i cant seem to access servers are they shutdown:confused:
  9. barney071986


    For some reason my trophies for this game wont show up and i cant earn trophies does anyone else have this problem
  10. just bought godzilla on ps4 on Australian account and revieved the ps3 version only paid $7.55 but nowhere on the page does it say that its cross buy:confused:
  11. i cannot connect to multiplayer are the servers down i keep getting a network error has occured try again later:confused:
  12. does anyone know what the codes are and what they do have googled searched but found nothing about them:confused:
  13. Finished the game on normal but ex mode didnt unlock even though it said i could select it:mad:
  14. sorry you missed out im still on 1.02 till i need co op trophies then i will patch it to play online:applause:
  15. trophies still pop no problem:applause:
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