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  1. PSN: stpatty Log: stpatty's Trophy Log | PlayStationTrophies.org Team: Aztec Submission: Love 11143, 11144, 11145
  2. PSN: stpatty Log: stpatty's Trophy Log | PlayStationTrophies.org Team: Aztec Submissions: Love: 11114 War: 11122 Trickster: Bastion, Jak X: Combat Racing Travel: 11125
  3. Oh boo, I was hoping my pick would get me a sensational victory at the line.
  4. Time to get the trophies/accomplishments out the way. My timezone is GMT. My Discord is on my profile too, you can contact me there as well if you want to do this.
  5. The 100 stages completed accomplishment came up for me after I'd completed 87. Hopefully this trend continues.
  6. None of these sound like actual games though.
  7. PSN: stpatty Log: stpatty's Trophy Log • PSNProfiles.com Team: Aztec Tributes: Amonhotep 11102, 11107, 11111 V: 109/175
  8. PSN: stpatty Team: Aztec Log: stpatty's Trophy Log • PSNProfiles.com Tribute: Amenhotep Y: 11096 Also I'm pretty sure these should count but I forgot them earlier Hunt: 11093, 11088 V: 58/175
  9. Do we win anything for submitting to this or is it just here to annoy us?
  10. PSN: stpatty Log: stpatty's Trophy Log | PlayStationTrophies.org Tribute: Trickster Games: Project CARS 2, Gorogoa, What Remains of Edith Finch, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Telling Lies, Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, Rock of Ages 3, Jack and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Jak II, Jak 3 V: Kentucky Route Zero is listed twice, but looking at your profile, it looks like Hotline Miami 2 is missing from the submission. If this is indeed start for this tribute, please submit that game separately so we can get it counted.
  11. Since horrible things are going to happen to it, I'd just like to point out that my completion percentage is currently 87.53%.
  12. I have a question about War Does a trophy that reads "defeat ___" count as a kill? If it's in a context where you're obviously killing someone, that is.
  13. How many people on the team use Discord? Is it worth creating a chat/server for us?
  14. @Deceiver @Zetberg @KyoRML007 @Haptism @kinjall @Tuffinz @olsen77 @stgermain Let's roll team. What we doing. What we playing. Where we chatting. How much shit we chatting when we win?
  15. +1 for Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure plz Need to get off bottom spot
  16. Every time? That seems like a lot of pings for @Stay True
  17. I understood the joke, don't worry @iLion Damn Greek gods and their rampant debauchery and dirty minds
  18. I don't mind big games like this. I enjoyed Horizon Zero Dawn and Rise of the Tomb Raider was the last third person game like this I played and it was functional, if a bit dull. So far with God of War I'm just getting nothing though. At least I might be able to hate it when it comes time to write about it.
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