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  1. My first round had the same problem I always do whenever I do a bracket. I make my picks and don't think about it for a few days, then when I see the series happening and teams winning I think "oh it was obvious that was going to happen that's why I picked them" and it's the complete opposite to what I picked. Doing well to be midtable here. Ed - I think I used a different email when I posted this round but it's still me, honest
  2. Mine popped up in about 30 minutes. Sorry.
  3. Playing Tiny Tina's whatever it is on PS4 and I've killed a Chubby before I've finished the first mission. From what I gather this is quite rare????? @Terminator
  4. Log: stpatty's Trophy Log • PSNProfiles.com Trophies: 10986 (Paperwork), 10989 (car), 10990 (herbs) Paperwork! Need to make sure your details are up to date. I was going to sort your Council Tax for you but I couldn't find the most recent letter. Car! It's a nice car. You could use some decoration. Herbs! You've got a lovely big kitchen and you look like a bad cook, have some flavour.
  5. I'm also pretty sure that's a carpet cleaner, not a vacuum cleaner.
  6. I gave it a 2 rather than 1 purely because of how awkward the touchpad on the controller could be.
  7. Thanks for the guide Velveeta, perfect format for a game like this.
  8. Games I've played through PS+ I would never have played otherwise (although this is a bit different in 2012/13 when I started compared to how I play games now): * are games I'd actively recommend and some of them I've bought sequels to because of how much I enjoyed them. I had no idea my list would be that big before I started typing it out or I wouldn't have. I know I have the benefit of years' worth of a library (although I missed the first ~3 years of PS4 games because I said I wouldn't play games as much by the time I got to that console and didn't need to) to bulk it up which is very different from someone starting now, but there's no way I can say it hasn't been good value.
  9. Can't wait to see what pictures Jerry sends via carrier pigeon.
  10. Eventually I gave up and went back to playthrough 1 rather than 2 to try and get this. This made it easier to farm MINAC since I could actually do the strategy of just shooting when they came out the front. Between this and hiding in the rock I've spent a fair amount of time on this over the past week. I set it up to farm today while I was out and when I came back and was collecting nothing I kept thinking that I had no idea if I could even get the trophy on this playthrough, on this profile save, and I could be wasting hours. With no pizza in sight as I was finishing up collecting all the drops after I killed MINAC, I saw a flash on screen as I ran over one of the tyres that are stuck in the ground. I couldn't see a green item indicator, so I hadn't realised it was there. A slice of pizza! The only one this round. It'd be real funny if this one triggered the trophy, wouldn't it. It did. This trophy is arse. All of the collectible ones are but this is the worst. At least it's over. My advice, if you find this thread in the future and are stuck too, is to do this on playthrough 1 and farm MINAC by shooting the Claptraps as they come out. Hide in the rock and go do something else for a bit when you get bored. And keep track of how many of the special items you find.
  11. Update time! New games: Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing Trophies • PSNProfiles.com has a PS5 version to go with the PS4 one. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Trophies • PSNProfiles.com has a PS5 version to go with the PS4 one. It's also time I go through everyone's profile and see what's missing. I think some of you posted these and I forgot to update them so I'm sorry about that, but I think everything is right now: @Dino_Roar gets 2 for MotoGP 2021 on PS4 and PS5. @Destructor8 gets 2 for Split/Second and Blur, with an extra rarity point for Blur. @staytrue1985 has a and a DLC for Xenon Racer, and a for Car Mayhem. @guylian gets a and a DLC point for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered. @AstroFlibble gets a for The Crew 2. @VazzVegas gets a for Wreckfest (PS4) @Ashbo gets 2 for the Japanese versions (???) of Moto Roader MC on PS4 and PS5. @Darth_Krid classes up the joint with 3 for the Breakthrough Gaming Arcades he hadn't got yet. @MikelAL93 gets a for Super Street: The Game (I definitely forgot to add this one when you posted it) @Pagey gets a and a DLC point for Dirt 5 on PS4. @Robinworldwide and @MickeyMix are both private and @felatio's URL just goes to the PSNP homepage. Have you changed your username?
  12. I just finished #125 after about two hours with one of the worst runs you've ever seen. Genuinely horrible. And it's now done and I never need to do it again.
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