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    2nd year high-school student. Filipino that moved to China. Home-schooler. Gamer.
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    GMT +8
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    Trophy Hunting, duh!
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    L.A. Noire
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    Plat L.A. Noire then download from PS Plus for more trophies.

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  1. Hey ESYLD, can you make me a signature and avatar? Thanks! Type: Signature and Avatar Render:http://i57.tinypic.com/289dlox.png Text: Kenshi2rija Just Do It! Dimensions: Your choice! Special instructions: None (although please erase the logo on the upper right on the render)
  2. Kudos to the creator! Used this guide in order to get the Platinum trophy for the game, which is not that hard. The only problem I had in the game was the endings, but this guide gave me the proper instructions on how to get all of them. So, Kudos!
  3. I usually keep games that are in a sports category (NBA, FIFA), racing(NFS, Burnout), or open world(literally every game ever made by rockstar).
  4. I like the PSP because it introduced me to gaming. I also like the PS2 because it immersed me to gaming. I also like the PS3 because it has trophies, which brings out my competitiveness. So: PSP - 20% PS2 - 50% PS3 - 30%
  5. Watched Gotham, Scorpion, and The Big Band Theory earlier. I also started watching Bones (currently 5 out of 10 seasons) and 24 , 3rd season out of 8. I watched 24 season 9 first before rewatching the entire series.
  6. I usually listen to music when I have nothing better to do or when what I am doing doesn't need my concentration.
  7. Acquiring all trophies for WWE SvR 2011. It just sat there and I said "Fuck it, why not?" After that, I will go on dominating the league on NBA 2k14 with my MyCareer and my Association.
  8. Happy birthday! :)

  9. Happy birthday!:)

  10. PSN ID: Eydees Online trophies: Don't Hate the Player Not Your Father's Association It's Got To Be The Crews. GMT: +8 Need someone who can win even without me as I have a slow internet connection. Also on don't hate the player, I need 14 games and one minute to have the least amount of time possible. Anyone interested add me and let's play!
  11. Anyone know why this is happening? I'm in China with a 12 mbps internet connection. It is both happening on my laptop, android tablet, and ios. The past week I have been able to use it at its normal speed, but now its slow? Help!
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