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  1. Good, but the grind towards the end is a tad annoying to be completely honest; however, if you can get past the weird obsession's with Chaos, then it can be done within a few days time.
  2. +4 : Stranger of Paradise (PS5) Stranger of Paradise (PS4) Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (PS5) Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (PS4)
  3. Their is a run which increases your overall Chaos Level once you clear it as it says "Clear this run to increase your overall Chaos level". The other choices are there just for other purposes.
  4. You have to reach each Chaos level yourself as simply joining other players will not advance your overall chaos level in your game.
  5. You can go through the story on the easiest difficulty and still unlock Chaos difficulty. You will, however, need to play on Chaos to access the Chaos level requirements (and trophies), but afaik there is a glitch or mistranslation that allows you to bypass the entire game, and simply play one Chaos mission and unlock the trophy for beating the game on Chaos. So simply put, yes, it is a straightforward and easy game or at least if they patch out that one trophy.
  6. Nothing is missable. While you do have to acquire certain side quests from purple orbs in certain levels, you can go back at anytime and get them whenever you choose.
  7. You can simply delete the demo version of the game as it should read as two different versions: The full game and the demo version; regarding your save, unless you delete it, everything should carry over to the main game, unless it says otherwise. While I played the PS5 version, PS5 lists the game 3 times for me since I bought the bundle which came with the PS4 version of the game. So - to fully answer your question on if you should buy the physical: I would not personally do that if you already bought the game for the PS4. The PS4 does not do a good job at separating demo's from the full version(s); so, you may need to look or perhaps sort through your list A>Z to find it easier.
  8. While not to overstay my welcome, I gave Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins a 4 and it took me around 35 to 40 hours. The game systemically has a cool concept, and the play style should feel welcoming to people who have played the Nioh games that Team Ninja has made; although, it does not mean it does not have its drawbacks to as you will notice it the more and more you play. It get's really......slogging after awhile, but you have three modes to choose from in the beginning - though, you can easily just beat the game on easy to unlock the hardest difficulty, Chaos, and still get the platinum. The game is fair (to a degree) and it does a somewhat decent job explaining things and how the job system works. In a sense, you kill enemies (duh) and you level up the job you are playing. The cool thing about this game is you can level multiple jobs at once if you are wearing the gear while playing as another: an example is if you are primarily playing as a Swordsman and wearing Duelist gloves, then you will level up the Duelist job as well; however, if you are wearing a piece of a job you have not unlocked, you will only get experience for the job you are playing as. This system makes leveling alternate jobs awesome, but remembering to just level those jobs itself gives you the full benefit (100% vs 50%). Overall, the game was fun for what it was, but I would highly recommend getting it once it goes on sale as for full price - that is asking for a bit much.
  9. I keep forgetting to update my games. +1 Lords of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor (PS4 GOTY) +1 Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance(PS5) <- Game is dumb; don't play it. +1 Horizon: Zero Dawn +1 Hades (PS5) +1 Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep: A Wonderlands One-shot Adventure +1 Final Fantasy VII Remake (PS5) +1 CrossCode (PS5) <- Would recommend. +1 Diablo III: Reaper of Souls
  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  11. I only have a few things left for the , so I'll voice my two cents. Final Fantasy 7 Remake was a journey through and through and was a joy....on Normal mode; however, even on Hard mode it was still very good and a great challenge to boot! The gap between Normal and Hard is pretty high as bosses and even normal enemies have a lot more HP and with that in mind, you cannot just Brute force your way to victory on Hard mode like you could on Normal mode; although, this in my opinion was how the game was intended to be played as it makes you change your Materia loadout based on the situation and to use characters in ways you normally would not. The best advice I can give is to learn from your mistakes and to learn each character's role, eg. Tifa's is to stagger enemies and Cloud's is to do heavy damage. As mentioned above and amongst others on here, the VR missions can be brutal on Hard - if you do not plan ahead. The hardest of the bunch is definitely the Top Secret VR mission and can be daunting, but with a proper build and strategy - it is doable; however, it may take a few tries to get each wave down properly, which is to be expected. The hardest of the 5 waves, imo, was Bahumat as he can take a lot of damage and if you do not kill him fast enough, then he can summon Ifrit or use Megaflare which is an instant-kill. Overall, I would say the game is a solid 6 or 7, but not a 5. The game is easy enough to get through on Normal and while it does have easy trophies to a degree, once you get to Hard mode and start tackling that - then you're in for a ride, especially during the VR missions on Hard.
  12. Just so everyone knows, I will be commenting for the PS4 version of the game and not the PS3 version of the game. Out of 10, I will say at the very least the game is a 7. Although the online trophies are a lot easier when compared to the PS3 version of the game, it is still a buggy mess when trying to go about doing the more tedious requirements that require x3 for completing certain actions. While the guide just says to do it all at once - once you reach max level (good advice), I would say it is best to do them (or complete them) as you acquire them. The online takes at least 4 people versus the normal 6 and being that the online is literally dead, boosting is the best way to go about getting most of the challenges and overall online done. Online (250 matches): The longest thing that will keep you fixated on the online is playing 250 matches; however, if you have another console and an ALT, you can get this rather quickly from either Bagman or Anarchy, I did the former mainly Steps: Search for games at the same time with an ALT Once the matches starts (prior to entering the game), you quit out with your with your ALT and you will win with your Main, thus winning for YOU (Main) and counting towards 250 matches played for you (Main). Search for another game (same mode) by pressing when at the XP menu on your ALT. Search for another game (same mode) by pressing when at the XP menu on your Main. Rinse and Repeat until you unlock it. Single Player: The single player is and was without a doubt an annoying experience. You will need to able to manage a lot of things as some things, such as Ores (300), Dog Tags (36), Propaganda (50), EDF Supply Crates (250), Guerilla Missions (104 not 100) and last but not least, the pro times for Demolition and Transporter missions. The latter is the most annoying, but afaik, the ores are not missable, but I cannot confirm that since I basically destroyed them until the prompt appeared saying it was logged. Collectibles For the collectibles, I highly advise printing the sheet either here on the site or from somewhere else and marking them off as you go. The Ores outside of the Dog Tages, Propaganda, and EDF Supply Crates were at a higher priory for me since some people have had bad experiences with them not counting, so to avoid this issue it is advised to save often, completely destroy them and mark them as you go. The Pro Transporter times, at least compared to the Demolition ones, are the most aggravating thing in this game as the driving is just abysmal - to say the least. Some are easy enough to where you can get it on the first or second try, but most of them you need to be literally on-point for 95% of the run as one mistake (and they will happen) due to this game's horrible driving. You will also need to abuse numerous shortcuts during the longer ones, as you will not make it in time otherwise. There are a few Demolition pro times that were annoying to do in the base game, but the others were easy enough. As for the DLC, the transporter times are easy once you know what to expect, while some of the Demolition ones are just stupid hard (or annoying) to get Pro times on.
  13. You're probably past it, but I do not think you can map anything afaik; I, however, could be wrong of course.
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