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  1. Looking to get both painted and veteran status items. Happy to trade them back immediately. If you happen to have an unleveled item that has a reasonable requirement I wouldn’t mind leveling it. PSN: postofficebuddy
  2. According to the list there’s supposed to be a special interaction between Saki and Weiss but when I load up a fight between the 2 it doesn’t look like a special intro. Does it have to be at a specific location?
  3. Oh thank god. I was worried one of the voodoo dolls had glitched. The game wasn’t letting me pickpocket the npc so I tried killing him and looting the body. Still no doll. When I came back after he respawned I was able to pickpocket him no problem. Great map by the way.
  4. Took me about 3 hours since I was taking my time and enjoying the scenery.
  5. 1.5/10 only because hide and seek is missable and a bit glitchy. I agree with Tagdeking, this game is beautiful.
  6. For the 3rd to last puzzle on world 6 you say to press O immediately. Do you mean after you drop down into the area where the puzzle is? I really wish this game had a video guide.
  7. Pkopetzky pretty much said everything that I’m thinking. The majority of stages I only had to repeat once or twice for the time trials. When I got to the final boss I had almost 17 minutes to spare and I died 3 times and still came in at an hour and 15 minutes. I’ll give this a 3.
  8. Took me almost exactly 2 hours with a short break for food.
  9. Honestly I’m almost teetering on a 1 but I’ll say 1.5. Even without a guide this would be easy since the branching points are all pretty obvious. I guess the 2 seal ones can be a little bit obtuse.
  10. Looking to boost all the online trophies. I’m on most nights and most of the day on Sunday. psn: postofficebuddy gmt-4
  11. Looking to boost all the online trophies in the Vita version. PSN ID: postofficebuddy gmt-4 I’m on most nights and all day Sunday.
  12. Technically I don’t have the plat yet but it’s just a formality at this point. I’ll probably do Needle Boy on my first or second try. Easily over 100 hours. I think I spent over 40 hours just on Impossible Boy alone and a similar amount of time on Zombie Boy. I’ve basically been playing this game nonstop for the past 3 weeks and that was just for the 6 most recent iron men. I don’t recall how long the other 5 took back in 2016 but it was a while.
  13. 10/10 I don’t see how anyone could vote less than that. Zombie, girl and impossible boy are the most stressful and nerve wracking trophies I’ve ever gotten.
  14. Sorry about that. I traded in the game bit earlier than I initially intended. GameStop had a pretty good trade in deal going on.
  15. :Edit: All done, thanks. Still willing to help anyone that needs it. Although I may only hold onto the game for another week. My psn is my screen name.
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