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    Video games, collecting vinyl + CD records and sleeping. Yeah.

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    Plat + 100% Mirror's Edge before release of ME:Catalyst. 100% expansions of Minecraft on Vita+PS4.

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  1. Looking for a group to play the raid with. Currently only have the hunter at level 20+, Ki level 105. I’m available most of the time. Time zone: GMT +1 (Sweden) PSN ID: Tombwarrior97 Feel free to send me a message, I’ll gladly fill a spot in your group! I do not have a mic.
  2. I’m sure they could make it work with a nice set of trophies, but my point is that a lot of us have struggled to keep up with the constant expansion pack trophies, and if they did add a PSVR one, many (including me) would be stuck at under 100% completion because I can not justify buying a VR headset just for the sake of one trophy, lol! (And I’m not too interested in most of the games that are available for VR either)
  3. Who’s willing to bet the very last trophy in the original set will be related to playing the game in VR, because why the F not?
  4. I think it’s safe to assume that this is all there is. There are 2 hidden trophies listed so I don’t see a reason they’d exclude the rest, and the first game had a pretty short list as well.
  5. Thanks for replying. I ended up starting the game on PS4 against your advice, just because I was really in the mood to play it. The bug you linked had a fix mentioned in the very first post so that doesn’t worry me too much, and there have been 0 issues with the UGC servers so far - I‘ve only got the trophy for 25 missions left.
  6. Hey! So, I played the first one on PS3 years ago and never got around to playing the second. I was thinking that since it’s on PS Now I might as well finally play it, but I read a bunch of stuff about the UGC servers being a bit temperamental, and although they appeared to have a fix for PS3 I’m wondering if I’ll still be able to get 100% by playing on PS4? Thanks!
  7. I do get you with the Baptiste trophy. I got it semi-legit and it was difficult for sure. I had a buddy play Dva and feed the enemy team while I focus healed her to build ult and then to heal through barrier. It took quite some time and my buddy never got it, so I still have to get back to it!
  8. This is good and bad news to me. I actually liked having to spend some time on Sigma and Baptiste to get their trophies, now I’ll get them in like a game or two. But taking the queue times in mind that is nice.
  9. What do we think in terms of trophies? Kill someone with their own ult? Use certain amount of unique ults in a game/without dying?
  10. As of the other day, you can also earn trophies in Quick Play Classic.
  11. He’s live on the PTR along with the new achievements: Conservation of Energy Gain 350 shields with a single use of Sigma’s Kinetic Grasp in quick or competitive play Seems simple enough, prepare for a Pharah to ult and you’re all set. Event Horizon Get 3 killing blows during a single use of Sigma’s Gravitic Flux in quick or competitive play This one seems a bit trickier but I can’t see how it would be to difficult. Just a bit luck based.
  12. Thank you for the info! I’ve been playing for a few days on survivor difficulty now and I definitely feel like it’s the difficulty level I was expecting of this game. Not too punishing, but still challenging. The only thing that’s been bugging me is the fact that the map only shows when you press R3. Because it’s on a cooldown, I can’t always see the map which doesn’t actually make it harder but just slightly more frustrating to get from place to place since I sometimes have to stop and wait before I can see what way to go. Also, those blue question marks that show up seem to be very temperamental and always disappear in-between button presses with bugs me to hell. Otherwise I’m having a lot of fun!
  13. How bad it is it? Is it one of those situations where I’d be better off playing through the game on normal to get platinum, and then a quick second play through for the survivor trophy? Or is it like The Witcher 3 where it doesn’t really matter because it’s not that difficult anyway? Thanks in advance
  14. It’s good to hear that it’s still very much possible to achieve the plat for this game, however I’m wondering if anyone could confirm that DLC wouldn’t be too big of an issue either?
  15. I’ve actually been wondering more or less the same thing. I’m feeling like playing it but the online stuff and particularly the heists are putting me off... unsure what to do but appreciate the answers to this thread!
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