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  1. As far as the dev has stated yes they are permanently shut down.
  2. Assuming they set it up properly it should just pop when you load it up, because it checks the requirements you've already done when you launch the game. If you waited until Feb it might not because you might need to do whatever the new requirement is.
  3. I was worried that might be a thing. You probably do need to buy that pack (assuming they set it up properly). From what I remember you needed to buy Forsaken to earn the Gambit trophy even though you could play Gambit without owning Forsaken, so you assuming they didn't break it you probably have to own the Forsaken pack to earn the story trophy currently.
  4. Yes, store listings probably weren't updated because AFAIK they'd have to remake the listings to fix it to be cross-buy now for the normal version. I assume they'll just have a separate upgrade in the store at release that you "purchase" for free and that's what then gives you the PS5 version.
  5. Forsaken story is the only one to really worry about the requirement being changed for, so you could do that now if you wanted. The story missions to get the trophy should only take a few hours total. The rest will likely be unchanged or made easier (like if they fix the Triumph Seal trophy to pop off more recent seals and not just the ones you can still do from Forsaken launch). Trophies/achievements autopop on all systems with cross-save, so you could finish everything on PS5 then load up the PS4 version and it would pop everything that you had earned.
  6. Have now finished my wagers, did basically all my URs in last two weeks, cutting it close 🤪
  7. If anyone feels super strapped for URs and has two systems they can play PS4 games on, Anomaly 2 has 27 easy ones on each list due to the online being broken and only working when played locally with two systems. Can be done in 1 - 2 hours each. Bonus they're all PSNP URs too 🤪
  8. I regret to inform everyone that both lists of Aaru's Awakening only took me 3~ hours total. 🥴 Very good for URs, done most of the easy stuff in Bulletstorm as well, need to find someone in NA to help out with the two co-op required trophies before I do the rest. Going to continue working on Slime-San today for the dumb amount of URs in there.
  9. Aaru's Awakening, recommended for every trophy hunter 🤠 I actually forgot out that, should I try that out tonight or just play Bulletstorm 🥴
  10. @DeadByDawnDoing Grandmaster Nightfall requires a lot more hours spent in a season to get ready for than doing the raids did, because they have a minimum power level to play them which is max gear + 15 artifact power bonus (you don't need max gear but that's what the power level requirement is based on, you could run them with 5 below max gear and + 20 artifact power bonus for example). Each season there is generally an easyish one though so if you can reach the power level requirement to play them then you can probably get some help just finishing one for the trophy. Progess transfers between any system with the game now, and you can go back and forth at any time with the cross play setup. If you wanted to play on PS5 your already earned trophies would autopop when you launch the game, then if you wanted to finish up the missing trophies on PS5 you could then launch the game again on PS4 after and it would pop the trophies on there too.
  11. The guide on here had that wrong info until last week 🤪
  12. It's not a demo, it's still technically the full game. You start out at max level and can play the endgame activities, then you can purchase the deluxe upgrade which then gives you access to the earlier story content. There's no trophies in the list that specifically require playing the story missions, only beating the bosses. You fight the bosses in Tower, but I don't know whether that would actually pop the trophies for the bosses there or they were programmed to require playing the story missions.
  13. Gage

    Icon filter

    @apici @pennysticks PS5 version does have map filter options. Press on the map then you can select between normal and online icons all individually. Basically the only option it doesn't give you is filtering out specific signs. Can either have them on or off (offline and your own filtered independently).
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