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  1. You're not a mod anymore? When did this happen?

  2. Hey guys! Looking to boost the death from above trophy because it’s a bitch. Psn is janne-da-arc24. I’m on Japanese time but can accommodate you. Please add me on psn if you want to boost. Thanks again!
  3. I'll be in Tokyo soon. Are you near there by chance?

  4. Hey janne. When can you get online for a chat?

  5. Happy Birthday Janne :)

  6. Need help with this trophy, PSN: Janne-da-arc24 PST Will be on this weekend. Please add and help. I will help too.
  7. I'm gonna have to ask for help on this as well. I just got to everlasting duty and I just kind of set my controller down lol. This is wayyyyyy too difficult even for me at level 335. I would appreciate any help as this is incredibly tough. My psn is janne-da-arc24 and I am on PST. Any help would be very much appreciated as this is crazy hard.
  8. ^ These. I hated this trophy. It's mostly based on luck. No matter how many mist charges you get, if the RNG doesn't give you what you need, you are screwed.
  9. I already have Shikari as Balthier's first job. Would Uhlan be okay as a second job for him?
  10. Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the game So I finally have access to the second job board and have everyone set except Balthier. I have his first job as a Shikari, but I'm unsure of what to give him next. I know the most popular combination is Shikari/Foebreaker, but I gave that combination to Vaan. I know Shikari/Whitemage is another popular one, but Balthier just doesn't "feel" like a white mate to me. I was actually thinking about Shikari/Uhlan but would this be okay? I know it won't be as powerful as Shikari/Foebreaker, but is it still a decent choice? Thanks for the advice guys
  11. At this point I can almost guarantee it lol. I know the last difficulty will be called Way of the Nioh. I'm calling it now!
  12. Awesome stuff there is no new trophy for completing every mission again on the new difficulty I love Nioh (my game of the year), but I don't know if I want to play through every single mission AGAIN lol.
  13. Damn, that's crazy! I've been playing quite a bit the past few days but I only am at Prestige 2 Well done!
  14. I agree getting the demon rune is a pain in the ass. Especially because you usually have to fight off like 4 people (including your own teammates) to get just one :/
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