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  1. I have injustice for the ps4 (ps+) and nothing is unlocking for me. I had it for xbox and I haven't played it in a long time but I remember when I leveled up, it showed something like a lock unlocking then listed down reward like rounds, icons, access cards, armiry cards, but this is not happening on ps4. When I level up, it just says level #, continue. I am now at level 16 with no icon ,backgrounds, or cards for the archives. Am worried if I keep going I from ill not b able to gt the cards to buy the archive stuff.
  2. It's easy to enjoy for newcomers. It's the first RE I've played and I loved it from the start, I always ignored RE and had no idea the games were so good. I just started playing Resident Evil Remastered for PS4 and it's just as good. They feels like they have the same style despite being a lot of years apart. I knew nothing about RE before playing Revaltions 2. Also Claire and Barry are absolutely awesome characters.
  3. I don't see episode 4 or bonus episodes out, are they out now?
  4. By chapter, do you mean the whole episode or just that person's section (Claire/Barry).
  5. What are the extra episodes? I haven't heard about them but it says on home page two are out 18th March??
  6. When I get a medal do I need to finish that episode or can I just exit to the menu after completing the objective?
  7. I started over (I was about 3-5 hours when I did this) and am about 50 hours into my nightmare difficulty. Nightmare as a first playthrough really isn't that bad as long as your doing side missions alongside main missions and leveling up/upgrading armor, weapons, characters as you go along. I recommend doing nightmare first. The only part that has been hard so far was the Aspect of The Nightmare boss battle, the boss took five hard tries but the save is right before it.
  8. What race and class did you pick for these two playthroughs?
  9. Am not that far in, the game says about 8 Hours 20 Minutes in a normal playthrough, I've been doing a mix of the main story, side missions and whatever else I can do. It's been very easy so far, am wondering if I should stop now and restart the game on the nightmare difficulty or if that will be a huge mistake. Angry Joe said the game is about 80 hours long, am really enjoying it but it might get really annoying/boring doing the exact same 80 hours of stuff that I've already done in my first playthrough.
  10. I don't see how this works, every time that I have tried it, I've had near no money at all and haven't been able to upgrade anything outside of the starting money upgrades.
  11. Posted here months ago but got no reply, I just need one person to boost with for the two online trophies (Triple winner and Underdog). PSN ID is soiidwoif, send me a message about this and I will reply and get this done as soon as possible.
  12. I can open the page fine with flash disabled, thanks. I can go to the videos separately on youtube by clicking on the video link so I can still view everything. I tried what Aeirou said but it will only load up at all with flash player disabled, but in edit options I only found out there are skins and the PS3T skin looks way better then the already set one.
  13. That's why they are polls, so that lots of people's opinions are collected instead of what the guide writer thinks of it. A lot of people actually write why they think it gets that in posts in the thread which is really helpful. Some people don't agree with the majority so should vote themselves, for example, I didn't agree with the extremely high difficulty ratings in Watch Dogs from people voting just weeks after release.
  14. I just tried and it's still saying that it's not responding and won't load up. I really don't know, I think it's an internet thing but everything else on the internet is loading up fine.
  15. http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/trine-2-the-complete-story/244061-trine-2-complete-story-trophy-guide-roadmap.html The full link is above. I can't open this page on both google chrome and internet explorer and I don't know why. I saw the thread on the forums to Trine 2: Complete Story but every time I click on it, it won't load up. I have tried refreshing the page, restarting the computer or going to exact link as well as clicking thread in forums. When I try to open it on Chrome, only the top part of the website (News, trophies etc.) loads up and nothing else. When I try to open it on Internet Explorer, it just says not responding and recover webpage doesn't work. Was the thread deleted or something because I can still see in it the Trine 2: Complete Story forums and it's getting posts and views. I want to go into it because it's a trophy guide.
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