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  1. I believe I got this right. Once you learn the pattern you'll be able to ignore chunks of it and speed up your time. Go into the cave DDL Dx6 RDDLLDDRDRDR DX8 LDLDLLDLDD RX11 (The whole room) URRD RX4 U RX4 D RX14 URRR DRRR DX4 RX4 UURRDD RX13 URUULU LX5 UX5 Leaving the cave DX5 RX5 DRDDLD LX14 UULLDD LX4 UX4 LX3 U LX3 D LX14 U Lx5 D LX3 ULLD LX11 UURURRURUR Ux7
  2. wow. 8 out of 10 and no platinum?!? Thanks for saving me the trouble.
  3. This needs to be changed by default. I don't even see the options you mentioned changing.
  4. Hello, Apologies if this has been discussed, but I'd like to request that when I share a link to a news story, trophy list, etc. from here that it show a preview image, title, and part of the story. This is pretty much the only site I share in my slack channels that doesn't have the feature, and instead either I have to explain the article, or my co-workers have to real the URL to see if they want to click the story.
  5. Thanks for the reply Mendel. I mostly view on the PC. I've linked an image of what I often see. The ad that can be dismissed is often replaced by another similar ad almost immediately after closing one. It's not 100% of the time, but at least more often than not. https://imgur.com/a/VAvihap
  6. The ads on this site are so intrusive. They're on the top, on the bottom, on the side, they pop up in my face, and they adjust sizes to force me to accidentally click them. I get you need money, but geesh, this site is being driven into the ground with all these ads. I applaud the 2.0 effort, but certainly there's a middle ground somewhere.
  7. All you need to do is stay in the main starting area and run up and down to get all of the trophies without dying. I'm convinced dying is what causes the glitch to occur.
  8. Bummed Dinosaur Island didn't add more trophies...
  9. It's crazy how entitled people are. Crying because a FREE game "tricks" you into buying paid for DLC? If you're used to having everything in life for free 1. Must be nice. 2. Why you crying over some cheap DLC? Ask your mom for a car.
  10. I voted 2 but it’s more like 1.5-2. Some people may get frustrated, but it’s honestly extremely easy. Controls aren’t terrible like some of these platformers. Pretty fun too.
  11. This game is a solid 3/4 and anyone that says otherwise is lying to you and themselves. The game itself isn’t all that difficult, but the poor controls and mechanics make it more difficult than it needs to be. “Being good at platformers” only gets you so far when mechanics and design work against the game. For example, take the platforms that move left and right when you land on them, if you land your jump over 50% across the platform from the side you’re jumping away from you’re almost 100% guaranteed to fall off because the platform mechanics cause it to move before you’ve even made contact. So you need to try to land on the 50% closest to you. Then take into account that, for some reason, you’ll occasionally bounce into the air, even though you didn’t press jump after landing on the platform. Those things have nothing to do with “being good at platformers”. It’s a poor design and/or bugs that you can learn to overcome, but still leads to frustration.
  12. 2/3 Forget thinking you’re good at platformers as this game takes skill and tosses in in the trash... The controls on this game are some of the worst I’ve ever experienced, combine that with shoddy mechanics and it makes for a pretty annoying platinum, even if it ends up being quick and easier than some. About 10 mins in I just wanted it to be over. The character is too floaty. The camera needs to zoom out a bit. The bounce pads are THE EFFING WORST. TL;DR - Might not be hard. But it’s also certainly not fun.
  13. The game is not hard at all. But, as everyone else said, the controls are pretty bad. It sucks that the controls aren’t very good, it’s as if the game is designed for them to be bad. You are constantly fighting against the terrible camera movements and design choices so it just makes it for an overall unenjoyable experience. I was pretty bored the whole time through the platinum. I would not recommend unless you absolutely don’t care about having fun and only want the trophies.
  14. This game is about a 2.5 for me, so I voted 3 for those looking for a super easy platinum. It's a quick platinum to get, but without being smart with your position, and using counter attack, you can get killed pretty easily, and you have to start the whole level over. It's not a super hard platinum, but you do have to actually beat the game which requires a moderate amount of ability.
  15. This game is at least a 3, maybe even a 4 depending on skill. The trophy for completing 34 levels didn't unlock the first try, so I had to do all 34 in one sitting and I got it. The second time around the levels were easier, and I knew which levels I didn't want to attempt so I just killed myself immediately. For some this game will be a 4+. It's not impossible, but it's certainly not as easy as most of their other games.
  16. I didn't get the trophy for 34 levels when I quit, I had to do 34 in one sitting to unlock. IDK if it's a bug or a bad trophy description.
  17. Looking to boost all of the base game online trophies. If you have the guns for Menz in the Hood that'd be awesome. That one is the one I'm mostly looking to boost. PSN - jefXfree Please let me know it's for Hardline boosting.
  18. I assume the answer is no. but has anyone found a way?
  19. I just picked it up today. Can't wait!
  20. PSN - jefXfree Need all online trophies California time.
  21. I completely disagree that Destiny players don't want the story in game. We've come to accept the fact that they can't some how just put the stupid text in game to be read, but that doesn't mean people don't care about it. There definitely needs to be a log of this stuff in game, so people can read and learn. What's the point of creating all this lore and not making it easy to consume?
  22. Hey. I'm looking for a guild. The one i'm in isn't really active. I've donated a lot this last month and haven' seen many others doing the same... Anyone still have an active guild going?
  23. I don't know why this isn't included in the first post of the trophy guide, but you should DEFINITELY use this website to get these two trophies before you do anything else... Scrabulizer - Scrabble Cheat and Solver
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