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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  2. I started this game long time ago, and I never finished it .. I'm planning to play it again to get the platinum but I found out there're online trophies I have to get to get the platinum. So how long it will take to get all the online trophies? Are they hard? Do they take long time to get? How are the server? I just want to know if it's easy to get them or not, if so then I will get the game again.
  3. I want to get this game, but there're a lot of editions, and I really don't know what to pick. I enjoy playing this game, but I'm not interested on getting all of the adds-on, I just want an edition that will guarantee giving me all the trophies in the game. Will I be able to unlock all trophies with the standard edition of the game? Thanks in advance.
  4. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :)!

  5. I got the platinum in 3 hours according to the game's status, I made my first walkthrough on easy with collecting chapters related trophies, then I did the hard difficulty exploit.
  6. I will vote 4.5/10, hard difficulty and the character movement is really annoying, that I had to do the exploit. Generally the game is really easy.
  7. Thank you very much, especially for the Molotov tip to get a knife kill.
  8. 3/10, nothing is hard at all, the only three trophies that I spent my time on was Make the cut, Eye to eye, Bunny hunt. Generally, the platinum is so easy, you just to be patient for three trophies I mentioned, and I will do my best to give tips if anyone interested to get the platinum in this game.
  9. Less than 3 hours according to the game status.
  10. 3/10, Its not hard at all, but I had to get use to the game's controlling system.
  11. 8.5/10, playing the game on Veteran is really annoying on some parts of the game, the movement of the character and buttons function is poor and awful. Missions are too many and boring and they're all look the same. The worst three missions for me which I spend most of my time keep trying to pass them are Benouville, Pavlov’s House and Tanks missions because of how hard is to control the tank. Completing the game three times for each difficulty it's so stupid and annoying and it's a waste of time and pointless. I won't complain more than that, because when I started this game, I kinda know what I'm going to deal with, because I already played COD WAW, but this game is way worse than WAW. Anyway I'm glad I got the platinum, it's one of the hardest platinum out there.
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