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  1. Machete Kills, 6/10 Meh, it was just okay...it just seems to be repetitive and cheesy. Now he's going out to Space, really?
  2. I think I'd spend $20 max, I couldn't see myself dropping much more than that. The most I've spent on a comic was Batman: The Killing Joke, I got a reprint for $9. I don't have many comics, 1 actual and 4 replicas (aren't full comics)....I do, however, have some coming in the mail that I had mentioned about in another thread.
  3. I've thrown my phone a few times (against the couch cushion) but my controller has taken some abuse when I'm gaming. I've tamed my temper down quite a bit over the years until recently when playing Deadpool. Now when I get frustrated while gaming, I put the controller down, briefly cuss real loud, take a deep breath and get back to gaming.
  4. I just bought: -Batman '66 Meets Green Hornet -Batman: The Killing Joke -DC Silver Ages Classics Green Lantern 76 (1992) -Giant Size Hulk (2006) -Web of Spider-Man anniversary issue (1985) -X-Men 5 (1991)
  5. How much would you spend on a rare comic? I just bought a brick of comics (6 comics) for pretty cheap!
  6. I can't say that I really enjoy hardcover comics, it just loses that retro comic feel!
  7. How's your RE5 quest going?

  8. Screw James, I'm hoping Melo comes to Chicago!
  9. Now that the NBA finals are over, are we going to see LeCramps do Midol commercials?
  10. I keep a majority of them but sell the ones that I get sick of.
  11. That sounds like slashing fun!

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