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  1. I've beaten all camp missions, but i haven't earned the two challenges Unbeatable and Untouchable and in the story i only cleared Act 2, in youtube guides they showed that you can easily get them in some camp missions which i cleared, so is there a way i still can get them or i am screwed out of the platinum ?
  2. hisham

    Suited Up HELP!

    Thanks for the reply, man i hate this series, all 3 crysis games glitched on me and forced me to start over, so yeah i guess i have to swallow the bitter pill and start over.
  3. I have a big issue with this trophy, i need 3 pieces of upgrades to the nano suit modules but even with a guide ALL of them don't show anymore which means i collected them already but it stills shows that i still need 3 so i can unlock the modules and then i max them up by doing the requirements so what can i do here ?? i hope i won't have to start over from scratch
  4. Like the title says, i bought the passes but i don't see them in my game, they don't even shows on my download list, so what's the deal here are they a scam or what ? i hope someone can answer me ..
  5. Right now i am stuck with the devil races, i beat it on one map only and i'd like to switch teams and the question is here if i switched teams would i lose my devil transformation and the win on one of the map against the devil racer ? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ok i will answer myself, the answer is no, i only lose the points though
  6. Time does affect difficulty, difficulty doesn't only means skill is required, when i see a game that requires 100-200 hours i back off, i don't have the patience and not anyone who does, in my opinion if the game is a 3/10 difficulty i make it a 4/10 for the grind and that's it but i won't pump it to 6, so time affect the difficulty a little but not as much as the skills.
  7. Nevermind, it gets unlocked once you beat the campaign, no one visits the forums of this game at all these days.
  8. Hi guys, can anyone tell me why i only can choose middle east map in survival, everybody is talking about Moscow map but i only can choose middle east, what is the problem ? Thanks
  9. Currently in the EU psn store the gold edition is on sale so i am wondering how many DLCs it has, a friend told me only one but come on really ? only one ? i hope someone confirms this to me. Thanks
  10. Ohhh sounds like a solution, thanks Terminator
  11. Servers are not down but i can't access the multiplayer if i don't have a uplay account and everytime i try to register it keeps giving me an error message, i hope anyone can help me on this Thanks
  12. Can i self boost this game ? and how many players required to start a match is it really 6 ? and if the servers went down can i do that in LAN ? Thanks
  13. After i finished boosting the online trophies (ps4 version), i headed to the campaign and i found Joe Thompson's Story and Lost Letters, so i chose Joe Thompson's story and i finished it then i reached around 64% of the trophies and these trophies (Vietnam Survivor, Fleet Admiral, A6M Zero Warrior, F4U Corsair Warrior) did not unlock.. So i moved to Lost Letter and i finished it and nothing happened no trophy, and now i am stuck at 64% and don't know what to do for those 4 trophies that did not unlock, i don't know but it seems to me the ps4 version is different and all the guides are made for the ps3 I also tried to replay missions and i saw Vietnamization campaign still disabled and i can't choose it and i don't know why. Edit: Ok i knew what was wrong, the game was sending me to the main menu after i finish part of the campaign so all i had to do was to continue campaign and choose Joe Thompson yet again
  14. Add to the missable trophies these: Digital Man, We'll Burn the Sky and Aces High...
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