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  1. My wife is heading over to Japan to see her family. I want to pick up an exclusive but I can't find as many reviews as I would like, and the ones I did find are from reviewers that are a bit too close to the publishers to my liking. Anybody have any suggestions? So far, it looks like Yakuza Ishin is winning. oh, I was going to post in Japanese Game Discussion but all the threads are specific to a single game so I figured this would be easier.
  2. Normal it is. Thanks. EDIT: I'm such a pussy. I choked up pretty bad after the first scene (before the actual title even comes up)
  3. Wife booted me off the PS4 so I could make dinner while she plays the Destiny Beta... Hopefully I can join a lobby in an hour or so. Attack-Trik had 2 spots open I believe. I was just starting to do OK too
  4. Man, I need to get some serious practice in before I start playing you guys... I thought I'd be half decent at this by now when I picked it back up a week ago or so... Nope. Should've played more.
  5. Poonjo

    Campaign Length?

    Lol thanks for the explanation but I've played my fair share of MMOs. It just seems that compared to other MMOs or similar games (Borderlands, Warframe) the content is focused more on grinding than new locations. Grinding is always present in MMOs but this just seems like a bad balance of the two. Again, just a Beta so we really don't know, but I said I was hoping for more than 5 missions per planet (with 1 explore). That's what I meant by "going back" to Earth, as in, new locations get unlocked on the other side of the planet or something. The only "side missions" are in explore but hopefully once again there is a lot more variety (so far none) and some unique drops otherwise it's really not worth it, it's just fetching quests. Why grind fetching quests with the level cap if there is no incentive? You could just go play missions or MP and level up or grind that way. Oh, and some people will like the MP I'm sure, but a lot of things need to get fixed before it is deemed competitive. Personally, I would much rather play a balanced competitive FPS than one that is not. Therefore, it seems PvP will not get that much play time from me. In conclusion, we don't know anything because it's just the beta and everything can change. However, with the hints so far, I'd rather not take the risk to keep it preordered. This might seem great to most players who haven't played a lot of MMOs, but when you've played most of them and other similar games, it just won't cut it (keeping the preorder, I mean). Opinions opinions. If it gets good reviews from a few specific friends then I'll pick it up but we'll see.
  6. It's a random color, I have Gold versions on two character and a weird red color on my third. I guess it could somewhat be relevant to the Beta but mine hasn't been destroyed apart from the ?? level enemies. In today's Iron Banner though, I'm sure it saved me quite a few times when it was getting damaged heavily. I find it handles better though (with R2). It's nice to flaunt it on MP, like the legendary ship that a lot of people got in the Iron Banner event.
  7. I just do solo wolfpack now, other people get in my way/steal my kills lol. I am completely lost in gametypes like DM but dominate in that one where you steal artifacts (unfortunately not many people play that). Hopefully mjc is going to participate so I can get him back for the KZ gamenight :whistle:

  8. Haha, that's pretty much my only motivation to finally play MP. I'll still get humiliated by everyone else here but at least I'll be one step closer to the plat. It amazes me how horrid the in-game tutorial is... There are quite a few very basic things that aren't explained at all.


    Surprisingly, after those tutorials, I usually finish in the middle of my team!

  9. Haha I'd be extremely surprised if you had found this many ghosts considering one of them is glitched under the map and I know you don't have it. About 6-8 of them come from areas with ?? enemies so, you might need to check over there again as well (and you have some more exploring to do, you missed quite a few areas) Yes, that hallowed ogre has been there since the Alpha, although he could be killed back then (took an hour or two but could be done). You can actually push him off the cliff as a Warlock or with your vehicle in any other class. Also, instead of an Ogre, sometimes there is a Knight. There are 3-4 other ogres I have found, plus some other enemies you haven't seen yet (or you would've posted about them here, asking if you were the first to find them lol) Honestly, the only "secret" that's been found so far is a HUGE Vault level under the map, but I'll let you try to figure out how to get there. You have to get out of the map at the right spot, and also know where you're going (good luck). You can't really go in, just on top. Once on top though, if a friend joins your game, he will spawn inside the Vault itself.
  10. I don't see why the cosmetics have to go if you need to be a certain level to wear them... Especially considering we took part in events to get them. However, there are quite a few people that have found out about the Chest respawn "glitch" and are at 25000 glimmer (the cap) after buying Ships and everything they can. Now that it's also being posted on YT and Reddit and stuff, I think that if it gets too popular, everything will get wiped apart from the Emblem we get for playing on the 26th.
  11. Poonjo

    Campaign Length?

    I guess they could make you go back to Earth eventually, but the fact that the mission on the moon is story mission 6 is kind of against that. I know they mentioned cities like Chicago or Boston but I'm hoping those are in PvE and not just PvP maps or something.
  12. Poonjo

    Campaign Length?

    FFS read my last sentence (I don't think you read my entire post last time) I said I hoped I was wrong. Actually, I don't even think you read the initial post since it asks for ********IDEAS*******. Please, look at your Orbit map and tell me what they will do instead. I'd love to hear what you think. It must be genius and absolutely 100% correct. I didn't say it wouldn't be any good, I'm just worried about the amount of PvE content. Sure, there's exploration and stuff, looting to do, some hidden caverns, weapons to grind, but if there are only 5 planets then the point is moot. As I mentioned before, I just really don't want to be stuck with a 20hr PvE story that you are supposed to play through a million times to get the gear you want. If I wanted that, I'd go play Warframe, which has a ton of missions and is EXTREMELY similar to this game if not near identical. The Tower does NOT count as game content. It's the Hub. The WoW tavern. It's a huge shop FFS I don't care how big it is if there is nothing to do apart from effing around with a soccer ball/the fan and talk to shop owners. You can't even chat with people without adding them as friends lol fail. Have you ever played Borderlands? I had pretty high hopes for Destiny and the Beta scared me a LOT. Cancelled my preorder just in case. But thank you for being an asshole for no reason, appreciate it.
  13. Poonjo

    PvP tips?

    Automatic weapons are overpowered, so go find one. Mine has 62dmg with a 44 round clip. It is extremely accurate for an auto rifle and has the perfect kick to give me headshots. Regardless of which Auto you use though, they are the primary with the fastest TTK, so you should equip one. Keep in mind that normally, in the crucible, the damage doesn't make a difference (they balance everything). However, if you are playing Iron Banner events, then the dmg stats DO matter. Just keep that in mind. Sniper or Shotgun secondary. I recommend Shotgun since there is only one map (Moon) where you can actually snipe the entire game, but then you probably won't be helping your team much. Shotgun absolutely devastates in Domination. Both are OHKOs if shot properly, sometimes 2HKO. Character is entirely up to you. After playing Alpha and Beta for an extensive amount of time (considering how long they were up) I strongly prefer Hunter to any other class. The Swarm Grenade is the best grenade in the game. Their special is the easiest one of the three to pull off (with the least ways of punishing it! Titan's Super is extremely easy to punish, and the Warlock as well since a lot of people have trouble aiming it properly or they just make themselves an easy target by jumping up in the air randomly). It is also the most versatile and impossible to predict/identify. I hate the other double jumps. I just want it to be a normal double jump, not some weird gliding where I have to consider when to press the jump button to get the exact result I want. IMO, for PvP, Hunter is the best, followed closely by Warlock. Sorry Titans.
  14. My bad. It's not a problem as long as people want to give them out, but I found an extremely active member that's been here for quite a long time, posts guides and trophy maps, and even a day after he requested a code nobody had messaged him yet. Meanwhile, there are people (not you) signing up for this site just so they can request a code. They get it immediately, and then never come back here again. Sorry, it was late and I guess I was just frustrated.
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