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  1. The trophy list isn't difficult and it's one of the most popular games in the world. There was no chance of the Platinum being rare.
  2. The only person who cares about your trophies is you. If you truly earned it, then you can still feel pride.
  3. It did when the dual shock 1 and dual analog controller came out. As for the complainers. Don't use it.
  4. And complete. Total hours was 705. Keeping the game on Great Blessing and having LotD as leader along with maxed out Light spirits allowed me to plow through all the regular battles on the new continents very quickly with minimal damage. I really hope they release the art and soundtrack to the game somehow. Lots of beautiful designs and interesting beats.
  5. Down to 9 areas left. Wow, I might finish before June.
  6. I'm also almost done. Cleared a ton of zones last week and made it to number 4 officially on the Weekly Rankings. (would have been number 3 of the last set of points had updated). All I have left is part of Atlantis, and then Lemuria. So much time put into this game which surprised me. I must get the last trophy at least for all that time.
  7. How could you tell? Does it double it at the post game score screen? I noticed the it kept bugging out in the store screen for me. Like sometime it said "Purchased" and other times, it would allow me to re-buy it but error saying I couldn't, and then finally I couldn't click the icon anymore.
  8. The store was working for me today, I bought the orb doubler but it doesn't seem to work?
  9. I got real lucky then as I got the Hole in One trophy the first time I ever played that mode.
  10. The Free First Zone trophy didn't pop for me either.
  11. There's a demo, but it's pretty much a PuzzLoop/Zuma/Luxor clone. If you like those kind of games, you'll like this.
  12. I've beaten 3 of the "end areas" or whatever. Right now, "luck" amulet has actually been best. It seems to make the game easier with more marbles in line as the same color so chains quicker to get right away. This one saved me from an end level that I just couldn't beat. Before that I using the one that gave you the random powerup from the hole.
  13. Pretty sure I'm doing that. I hit a house, don't kill anyone, and timer goes to 0. Nothing happens until I "beat" it.
  14. Thanks for this, I'm glad this finally came out on NA PSN.
  15. Isn't it under that large highway section you cross before that part? Just reverse after dropping down. Sup frosty! I keep seeing your mug in this game, haha.
  16. Holy crap, thanks for that tip as well. Was not able to unlock genius difficulty on a few of those games after trying for hours.
  17. I thought I was going crazy. I'll try this at the end.
  18. Guide has helped me tremendously. These Challenge levels are killing me though!
  19. I realize this board is a bit dead, but anyone have any tips?
  20. Glad to hear, I was worried. So, are their servers just messed up?
  21. Thanks to the user ijed, here are the English trophies: New Little King Story Trophy List - Imgur
  22. Well we now the the English thread, and English trophy list. Very strange that it hasn't been entered yet.
  23. Let’s Fish! Hooked On Weird choice from an unknown publisher. But welcome!
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