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  1. I didn't have any trouble unlocking the trophy for the first stage but I can't get the trophies for stage 2 and 3 to pop. I'm a 100% sure I didn't receive any damage since I was pretty much checking my health bar non stop. Any tips what I might do wrong?
  2. Is the Time-Out trophy bugged? I did everything except the seesaw activity and I can't make it work. I have the blue outline but the metal plate won't stick. Am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Nevermind, I started a new game and got the trophy on a fresh save file. Luckily the requirements for this trophy can be done within the first the areas.
  3. I can't get the 'I Shall Deal With Her On My Own' to pop. I'm pressing the right buttons every time but it doesn't work I've played the second part of the level 6 times now..any ideas?
  4. Thank you so much! I was searching the wrong area for hours..
  5. Can you please post a screenshot with the location? I'm having no luck finding them myself :/
  6. Before I start the game I'd like to know if anything is missable? Can I collect missing collectibles after I beat the game or do I have to get everything in one run?
  7. Thanks, I would never got that on my own
  8. I don't get the maze puzzle. How do I know which way to go in the maze? I'm grateful for any advise
  9. Once you clicked on the gift, the statue will appear in your inventory. You can revisit the same persons festival over and over again. Adding some people who owns the game makes this a lot faster tough, as it takes some time for gifts to respawn.
  10. You have to visit someone else's festival and collect the gifts that are flying above statues the player build. You have to get 50 of those gifts.
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