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  1. I'm looking for online trophies too. PSN: jblanch3 U.S. EST
  2. I need help with getting trophies before the servers close. Thank you. PSN ID: Jblanch3 Time Zone: U.S. EDT
  3. Hi, Bought this game a long time ago and looking to get the online trophies before servers close. PSN ID: jblanch3
  4. I guess that's my only option. I have someone lined up, but he said some of the trophies are time intensive or require more than 2 people. Well, some's better than nothing, I guess. Thanks for the help, y'all.
  5. Hey, After hearing that a few NFS games were getting delisted and that its online days were numbered, I purchased DLC packs for those games. One of them was Shift 2: Unleashed, and I just got a copy of the game. The other two games I was able to get the online trophies for, Undercover and Shift 1, I had no issues with. When booting up Shift 2 and doing the initial two races in order to unlock most of the available content, I got a nasty surprise in the form of an online pass. The code that came with my used copy was (surprise, surprise) already claimed. There is no online pass available in the Playstation Store (interestingly enough, Shift 2 and its DLC are still available for purchase). The only option that's available, when I start up the game, it offers me a 2 day free trial. I don't know if I can even claim it, and even if I could, I need to be able to use it in a window in which I can have someone help me knock out the online trophies (I reached out to a friend, I'm waiting to hear back). So, as I posted in the title, are there any workarounds to this? Can I perhaps purchase it somewhere, or is there a good samaritan with an extra code lying around that I can have? Any advice would be appreciated, thank you.
  6. Hi, I need most of the online trophies. Add me as a friend. If there's a "room" on the app with other GTA5 players looking for trophies, I'd love to be a part of that as well. PSN: jblanch3
  7. I just wanted to update with a clarification. I was able to get the Exotica trophy. After a couple of races to start out the game, the online functionality does become enabled. All you have to do is pick the option for Exotic cars, provided that you have the DLC; find a boosting partner and you're good to go. I think having to get the "stars" might be applicable to the single player portion of the DLC, but it doesn't apply to online play.
  8. I saw that the servers for this game are closing next February. Does anyone know if you need online for any of these trophies?
  9. I need the online trophy as well. PSN ID: jblanch3
  10. I downloaded the DLC and finally got the physical game today. I saw, when starting the game up, that there was only a Career mode, no Online. Upon further reading, I found that you had to get a certain number of "stars" before you can even access the DLC. Can someone clarify that? If that's true, I guess I'm not gonna be able to get that online trophy, as I simply don't have time to get deep enough in the game just to access the features needed to get one stupid trophy. Thanks.
  11. Hey, I need all the MP trophies too. PSN ID: jblanch3 U.S. EST
  12. Just got this. There's a grand total of one online trophy, so that's good news.
  13. Are the servers working okay? I'm trying to boost all the online trophies for the NFS games whose servers are closing. I bought NFS Carbon for 360 first, since it was the oldest, and saw that the servers have been toast for years. I read similar things about Undercover, but later posts seemed to imply that they were back up and working. If that's the case, I'll get a copy of Undercover. Update: I got the game, servers are up. I was able to get a bunch of trophies. The one I really think I'm gonna need help with is the First of Many trophy.
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