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  1. Voted 5 as 3 seems way too low. Especially, when the plat rate is only about 1.8%. Not a bad game. but it can really be a pita a lot of the time.
  2. Thanks for the guide! Found it very helpful for many of the trophies. Got the plat and boy am I glad they changed the requirements for the Shadow Wars. I missed the fact that the number of siege defenses was cut back, even though it was in the guide. I just about fell out of my chair when the plat popped.
  3. I can confirm that the servers are still up and running as of Jan 2022. They appear to be running fine, but if you have issues try running the Internet Test on the console. I have no idea why it works, but it cleared up my problem and has stayed fixed without having to do it again (yet). I'm playing on the PS5, but it may apply to the PS4 as well... I also saw on the game's twitter feed that they did some maintenance in Jan. Nice to see some devs sticking with it for a change.
  4. Thanks a bunch for a super guide - it was very helpful. Took a while to get the plat, but once I got my build right it was smooth sailing.
  5. Thanks for the guide - got the plat. Even though it's a bit repetitive I had a good time and enjoyed playing the game. May even finish up the DLC someday... Glad I tried it out.
  6. Yep, that's the way to do it. The drops aren't all that great anyway and you can avoid having replay Earth, Rhom, and Corvus. I should have read this thread first.
  7. Thanks for the guide - found it very helpful for the plat. Didn't really enjoy the game very much though. There was a lot of repetition and 'sameness'. Had a lot of crashes as well.
  8. Voted 5. Found the game pretty boring and repetitive. Had lots of crashes also. I liked Origins and was hoping it would have been improved, but Ubisoft seems to be in a rut. I'm guessing Valhalla is more of the same...
  9. Thanks for the guide. Plat complete. No love for the challenges in either the main game or dlc though. The controls are a huge letdown when trying to do anything that requires precision, e.g. drones or bombs. And what's with lag in some of the screwball challenges? Are you kidding me? Just awful! It was so frustrating that I gave up when I had enough tokens and used a save and reload to buy the suits and mods.
  10. I have the same issue. FWIW, I have an LG OLED TV. Only game I've ever seen this with problem. Possibly a 4K issue?
  11. Thanks for the guide - great job! I found it incredibly helpful for the plat.
  12. Thanks for the guide. The trophies are about as easy as it gets, but it's nice to know that going in so I don't have to sweat it and can just enjoy the playthrough. Found the game a lot of fun and a very enjoyable experience. Looking forward to 'The Enemy Within' now.
  13. Thanks for the guide. Just visiting an old friend...
  14. Great guide. Found it very helpful for several of the portals. A couple of them were really a pain.
  15. Thanks for the excellent guide. Very helpful for getting the plat. Thanks!
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