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  1. Not true. I am NAT type 2 and I have the platinum.
  2. Everything you just said is 100% true.
  3. Same list as the PS3 version without the multiplayer
  4. Or just go to social and then inbox in your game. Nobody want to watch an 11 minute video with 20 seconds of info.
  5. I tried that earlier this week and it didnt unlock for me. I did 6 wrc full championships now. 4 in career and 2 is season mode or whatever its called. Fuck this game
  6. I see you got the wrc trophy. How? I beat it 3 times last week
  7. My wrc championship got bugged around the Turkey rally. When trying to read emails gave me blue screens.
  8. I said I should. I did all trophies but 4 glitched on me... I even conpleted the wrc 3 times. Reached all podiums in every rally multiple times. Did all objectives. Everything. Anyway... how did you get the 15 objectives done? Did you stayed in the wrc2 class until it popped or did you do some in wrc2 and some in wrc? And how did you unlock all podiums? In what class? I know its all broken but maybe there a workaround. Just curious
  9. I downloaded an earlier save as well. Lost 600km. I should have gotten the platinum yesterday... oh well
  10. This game is a broken mess. Nothing works. Blue screens. Career mode is broken. Trophies not unlocking. Its always nice to pay 60 bucks to be a beta tester. I should have learned my lesson by now in 2019, but no I keep buying games that are broken. I should slap myself.
  11. Then you need to set faster times. Winning every rally with minutes. Then the offers will come in. And of course, maintain a good relationship with other teams through tryouts.
  12. I have contacted bigben interactive and they responded right away. They have contacted the devs about all the broken stuff. We will just have to wait. I did a brand new WRC season. Objectives are impossible to complete. They even disappear completely and I get a blue screen in Turkey when I want to read my email to pay for the costs of the latest rally. This game is broken. I will come back to this game when its fixed. Unbelievable how broken games are released these days. Smh
  13. To reach WRC you have to win first in WRC Junior and then in WRC2. In between rallies do tryouts for different teams. After a few tryouts you will be offered a challenge. Beat that to get an offer from the team. Im in my 7th season now and this is my first WRC season. It takes a while to reach the highest class. You just have to earn your spot and start from the bottom like a real career.
  14. On psnprofiles we have a thread with lots of bugs. I had 4 trophies glitch on me last night Doing 13 objectives Authentic difficulty Winning wrc championship Reach all podiums
  15. My guess it has to be done in career but not sure. I tried 3 times in quick play on different stages and the trophy did not unlock. Could be glitched as well. Have to try in career later today
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