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  1. I thought I would help give some details on the Final boss 2nd form. What is happening is that he is playing a game of rock, paper scissors. If you see that he chooses rock, he is going to slam down both of this hands. You need to jump up at the last second and can then hit his arms over and over while he recovers. If he chooses scissors, he is going to summon his "elemental hands". Defeat these first. If he chooses paper, he will start to "freak out". If you don't hit his hands enough within a certain time frame, he will use his super and pretty much make you lose a life. This is why you want to take out the hands that generate as soon as possible if he chooses scissors. You can also attack his hands (or even do the jump+kick attack like i did to hit his head) at any time, which will help take his health down faster. Hope this helps anyone who was having trouble taking him down.
  2. If anybody else needs the online trophies, feel free to add me so we can boost them. Please add Tekken 7 in the requests so I will add you. PSNID: ImpureSouls Time Zone EST (GMT -5)
  3. Looking to help and be helped with any of the online trophies as I just beat the game and am cleaning up the trophies. PSNID ImpureSouls Time Zone EST (GMT -5) Please mention Watch Dogs 2 in the friend request
  4. I realized that I have this game because I downloaded it when it was free. I already have a plat for this on PS3 and decided to try and go for the plat on PS4 as well. If anybody wants to boost for anything, add me and I will help. Please mention PVZ in the request. PSN ID ImpureSouls Time Zone GMT -5 (EST)
  5. I tried over 20 times at different times and days and was only connected to another player once. The one part I can't stand (from what I played) is the fact that you have to throw the other player to reach the levers you need to pull. As for the game, I thought that game was really hard to beat solo until you start to find the combinations that make it extremely easy to beat. As long as you have the last wand and the vampire ability you can beat an entire dungeon in around 20-30 minutes. The reason I say the last wand is because you can upgrade the light ability of it to be as powerful as you being equipped with the glass cannon shrine (2x damage) without sacrificing health. Also, if you pay the game long enough, you start to see that there are only 10-12 different areas that you repeat over and over again, with the only difference being the camera angle they give you. The game is extremely repetitive and I was a little disappointed that you lose all of your upgrades after you beat a dungeon (which is only 5 levels (depths) and a final boss, with a mini boss on depths 2 and 4). Add the fact that there are only 3 dungeons in the entire game and you can easily see that there is not much content to the game. For me it was worth a rental and was enjoyable for me until I beat all of the dungeons and unlocked all the weapons, which was pretty early in my time with the game. I was able to find a nice way to easily grind out the ridiculous kill trophies but the lack of content and being able to find someone online killed the experience for me.
  6. I am not sure if you need this answered still, but I did get a few trophies using a second controller using local co-op. I have had the game for a few days and have yet to be matched with anyone for online.
  7. Looking for help in boosting the online trophies for the vita version. Psnid impuresouls Time zone us eastern (gmt -5)
  8. In case the question comes up, because it usually does, you can grind out the challenges by hitting restart right after you get what you need. For example there is a challenge where you need to "get naked" 10 times. You can open up a level, get hit, hit restart, and do the same thing 9 more times. You don't have to finish a mission for it to register. The game is easy enough that most people will get them naturally, but thought I would add this in case anyone had a question about it.
  9. Finally got it. As soon as I had the red brick that expanded the explosion range I was able to get it with no problem.
  10. I am having trouble with the gold brick snowballed in the level Starkiller Showdown which wants me to take out 3 snowtroopers with one attack. Any tips? I have a feeling it is something simple...
  11. Wow! Thanks for the tip. This is absolutely the fastest way to earn Beli. I did this for about 30 minutes and ended up with 60 million Beli!!!!
  12. Thanks for all the input from everyone. I assumed that was the case but when I was unlocking a lot of other trophies that didn't have resistance mode written on them I started to wonder. I wanted to make sure to get the resistance mode trophies out of the way because I started to see at times that I couldn't find a single person to start a game with already.
  13. I was trying to get all of the resistance mode trophies out of the way first in this game and had a few questions if anybody has unlocked 2 of the trophies. The first is to upgrade a weapon to its maximum level. I have an assault rifle upgraded to level 5 and it says maximum level, but the trophy did not pop for me. Did anyone else have this problem? The other is adaptive warfare where you have to get a kill with every weapon and modification. Has anybody unlocked this? I have used every weapon and attachment and the trophy has not popped. I am thinking that maybe these have to be unlocked in the campaign? I have yet to touch the campaign yet because I usually try to get mp/coop trophies out of the way first in case the online portion is dead weeks into the game's release.
  14. Looking for help getting some of the dark zone trophies as it is pretty difficult doing it solo (named elites, rogue agents, extraction points). Please mention The Division in all friend requests. PSN ID Impuresouls Time Zone US EST
  15. Anybody still need the online win trophy? Psnid impuresouls Ps4 version Time zone us eastern
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