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  1. EDIT: After deleting all my saved data in system storage, I was able to get the trophy to pop. This post may be deleted. Hello All, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on getting this trophy to unlock. It's the last I need for the plat, and I cannot get it to pop. I've deleted and reinstalled the game/app several times. I've restored licenses. Restarted my PS4. Nothing has worked. I also tested it on a second account on my PS4 and was able to get it to pop there, so I'm not sure what the issue is. Idk if my account is bugged or what. I've unlocked every other trophy just fine. EA has been of no help. Appreciate any and all responses!
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    i'm not even sure if this is the proper place for this, and i've never posted here before but it's kinda starting to annoy me... anyway my question is, is there any way to delete my comment under a trophy? i commented on this one trophy for madden 12 almost 2 years ago and people are still messaging me for help with this trophy. would deleting my account delete my comment? it's not a huge deal but if anyone could give me some insight on this, i would really appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. As of this post, you can still get this trophy. I just got it. Just FYI.
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