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  1. If they weren't both fire I would probably go with both Fennekin and Charmander... But alas, I might end up going with Fennekin and Chespin because I never really start out grass and it might be fun to try something new
  2. I absolutely love to re-read books again (in the double digits on the amount of times that I've read through the HP series) so I just end up buying them so that is easier to do. Plus i really like to have the books in good condition as well, so its nice to be the sole one with control over that as well.
  3. Recently I've been watching a ton of the videos on the Let's Play channels just for the pure shenanigans of the achievement hunters guys. Also watch Epic Rap Battles of History during the periods of the year when they have new content coming out, although that is very hit or miss at times.
  4. Just figured I would throw this in here if anyone was interested. If you're ok with some kinda crazy subtitles at times, this already has aired in Japan and it's now online. I've been absolutely loving it so far (I'm about half way through) just because it's a fresh new take on the anime plus it's a great throw back to the first gen games in anime form. If you're at all interested in seeing it, this is where I have been watching it (Watch Pokemon: The Origin Online | English Dubbed-Subbed Episodes)
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