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  1. It was, now it's a clickable link. If I'm missing any, please let me know and where to hunt it down.
  2. Research & Records Hiss Research Hiss Ranger (Airborne) Reports Alice Wake Interview Black Market Blessed Organization Darling Investigation Director Investigation Door Appearance Employee Misdemeanor Ethics Investigation Hartman Arrest Hartman Background NASA Cooperation Review Shaded Specimen Captured Specimen Escape Assessment Underhill Background Wake Evidence Research The Shadow Shaded Hartman Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 1 Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 2 Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 3 Night Springs Screenplay Pg. 4 Wake Photograph Case Files AWE Bright Falls (1976) Summary Bright Falls (1976) Supplement Eagle Limited Summary Eagle Limited Supplement Fra Mauro Supplement Fra Mauro Summary AI Arcade Cabinets Procedures Arcade Cabinets Supplement Train Car Procedures Tractor Procedures Tractor Supplement Vending Machine Procedures Correspondence Official Casey Inquiry Cauldron Lake Update Missing Agents Resignation Letter Trench: Official Warning Non-Official Ahti Postcard Chain Letter Interrogation Complaint Keystone Inspection Motel Complaint Staffing Issue Dead Letters Actor for Hire Brain Missing Foot Gossip Multimedia Interviews Brian Hennerman Interrogation Dr. Hartman Interrogation Fra Interrogation Langston Interrogation Suspect Interrogation FBC Recordings Dr. Hartman’s Notes: Next Steps Dr. Hartman’s Notes: The Darkness FBC Reminder: Billable Hours FBC Reminder: Law of Three Motel Observation Music Langston: Freestyle Langston: Me and You Hotline Wake Faden Rides the Elevator On Writing the Manuscript Hartman’s Final Act The Third Thing Valhalla Nursing Home Wake Writes a Beginning
  3. Just putting the finishing touches on the guide. A lot of work came up for me. Wil be 100% done with by Monday.
  4. If you follow the map, the vending machines will be there. If their lights are on, attack it. This may or may not spawn the alter vending machine (it'll be glowing red). This is RNG at its finest. I have to reload my game quite a few times after numerous passes. If the lights are off, don't bother with it; fast travel to the next control point.
  5. Chief Investigator Find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector Although the description states "find 80% of the hidden locations in the Investigations Sector", finding the 5 in the following video will net you this trophy: [ame] [/ame] Workplace Recreation Play a single game in Arcade Mode You can find the Shum arcades in Active Investigations. Only playing either Deadline or Crowd Control will net you this trophy. They consist of these arcade modes: Crowd Control - horde mode until bar is filled up from defeating enemies. Crowd Control (Challenge) - same as above but with tougher enemies. Deadline - defeating enemies will add 5 seconds to the timer. Deadline (challenge) - adds only 3 seconds when killing or seized enemies. This arcade unlocks after beating a level in Shum: Shum 2 Former The Anchor Mold-1 esseJ Feedback Loop Ashtray Maze Note: After beating all arcade modes, you'll receive the Extradimensional Suit. Surge Protector Kill 50 enemies with Surge Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge (please see Surge of Power). To use Surge for this trophy, shoot it directly onto an enemy or on the ground as they walk past it then press to detonate it. This must kill them. Enabling One-Hit Kills will make this one go super fast. You can grind these in the Shum arcade mode - Crowd Control (Challenge). Elevated Mind Kill 25 Airborne Rangers Airborne Rangers are the new Hiss enemies introduced for this DLC. They're very recognizable as they hover, firing at you. They'll start to spawn as you reach Operations Center. Enabling One-Hit Kills will make this one go super fast. You can grind this one in the Shum arcade mode - Crowd Control (Challenge) if running through the DLC area doesn't spawn them. In-depth Investigations Find 80% of the Collectibles in the Investigations Sector There are quite a few collectibles in the Altered World Events DLC but the majority of them are ones you will pick up naturally and the others will be given to you by the game as you enter new areas and defeat new enemies. Please follow this checklist to see if you're missing any: LINK. Remember: You don't have to collect them all, just 80% of them. Multiple Applications Use Multi-Launch to hit 3 targets Initially, Multi-Launch skill is available as soon as you start the DLC. You need 8 skill points to unlock it. To use it, hold when selecting an object then select 2 additional objects to launch by pressing . Once you've targeted at least 3 enemies, release . This move doesn't have to kill them but it must hit them for this to register. If you have no skill points available, just reset your abilities for 30,000 Source and upgrade all of the Launch skills first to get to this node - Multi-Launch. Familiar Methodologies Fight off Hartman When activating the elevator, Hartman will stop the progress of going up as you must connect cores to generators to escape the Darkness and Hartman. Once you speak with Langston on the intercom once you power up the light generators, this trophy will pop. Vending Spree Destroy 80% of the Altered Vending Machine instances There are quite a few of vending machines in the Altered World Events DLC. Basically, just attack them. If the machine reveals to be altered (random and it'll be glowing red), kill it. Just follow the map below for their locations. If you happen to find them all and the trophy didn't pop, fast travel to the closest control points and re-attack them. Also note that if the lights are on on the machines, the random altered spawn might occur. And if this didn't work, close the game out then relaunch it. There are also 2 more vending machines in the Shifted Passage hidden location ( ) but the location closes after you've exited the hotel sequence hence why it is not on the map below. The clock code to open the passage is 17716497 (special thanks to Kaiser Ryu for this). The Third Thing Defeat Hartman This fight takes places in the Bright Falls Altered World Event. Be mindful of the Darkness, because it depletes your ability to use launch attacks. To get the fight started, you must connect 4 light core generators. Initially, you'll drain his health but his second stage adds a shield as he will start knocking off the cores from the generators. You must reconnect them for Hartman to be vulnerable to your attacks. If you're having trouble beating Hartman, bring in a Ranger for help and/or enable One-Hit Kills, Immortality. This will save you a huge headache. Surge of Power Upgrade Surge to the maximum level Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge. Materials to upgrade it fully are dropped at random by killing enemies, completing missions, and opening crates. When you do have enough materials, head to any control point and head to Astral Constructs: Level 1 - 15,000 Source, 1 Shaded Facet, 3 Confiscated Motive, 2 Hidden Trend Level 2 - 20,000 Source, 7 Confiscated Motive, 3 Shaded Facet, 4 Hidden Trend Level 3 - 25,000 Source, 15 Shaded Facet, 9 Hidden Trend, 1 Untapped Potential Work Smarter, Not Harder Attach a Surge grenade to an object and Launch it at an enemy Once you've reached the control point in Operations Corridor, you'll have enough materials to unlock Surge (please see Surge of Power). From here, just shoot a bench/desk/box with the Surge, it and launch it at an enemy but make sure it hits them for this to count. Also, you don't have to kill them with it for it to register.
  6. Overview: Estimated trophy difficulty: 1/10 (with One-Hit Kills, Immortality), 4/10 (without One-Hit Kills, Immortality) Offline trophies: 11 (9(B), 2(S)) Online trophies: 0 Approximate amount of time to 100%: 3-4hrs (personal opinion) Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Number of missable trophies: 0 Glitched trophies: No Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Do trophies stack?: Yes, the Global and JP versions of the game have separate lists. Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No, turning on One-Hit Kills and Immortality will not disable trophy progression. Additional peripherals required?: No Introduction: "Is that THE Alan Wake? The famous writer?" Well, yes, it is, Director Faden. Welcome to the new DLC expansion of Control, players - The Altered World Events DLC. It was released by Remedy Entertainment and published by 505 Games. Head to the Investigations Sector as a mysterious person calls for your help there. With a new Service Weapon in tow (the Surge), it's your job to cleanse this part of the Old House of Altered World Events, hunt down vending machines, play some arcade games, and eradicate Hartman as it scared the daylights out of Langston. Now take control and do your job or is someone writing your actions? Walkthrough: Step 1: How to approach the new DLC The DLC will start up after finishing the main game's story; Preferably at Endgame. Recommended Setup - A mod setup is not recommended here unless you want to try it legit. For those Control casual players, do yourselves a favour and play as I did on my replay of the DLC. Go: Options => Games => "Immortality" => "One-Hit Kills" - check them on. These options will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to dealing with the Hiss and Hartman. Hence why I gave it a 1/10 with these features on. Don't worry, they won't affect your trophy progression as these are not "true" cheats. These god-like features will help you out with several, if not all, the trophy in the guide. At the end of this step, you will have earned: Chief Investigator Workplace Recreation Surge Protector Elevated Mind In-depth Investigations Multiple Applications Familiar Methodologies Vending Spree The Third Thing Surge of Power Work Smarter, Not Harder
  7. Out of Options is given to you by Marshall as you head from Crossroads to Canyon Rim.
  8. I'd like to do the ones that require a full fire team, and a long boost partner for the ones that require just 2 players. I can boost anytime, regardless of time zone. PSN ID: OhArrTeeEyeZee UPDATE (5/26/2020): If I am not online, please message me. I have the Message App on my phone and will get on within minutes of being messaged. I will get another copy soon so I'll have an idle account.
  9. Thanks for the compliment. No, I've always has this PSN ID and PST user name since I've joined. I've been a long-time member but never really have done guides until recently. I do a bunch of stuff on the sister site, Xboxachievements.

  10. You have been a member for a long time. Nice job on the Control guide. Did you change your name?

  11. This trophy is definitely buggy as I've received notices that even Hiss Sharpened hasn't been given to them. You get this collectible when you defeat one and they're all over the place. There's even a sectional area when you must defeat a group of them for the Hiss nodes to unblock the path. But for End of the World, you'll receive when Marshall appears on screen. Can't recall when exactly, but it's either when finishing the "Pyramid" mission or when heading down the hole in the last mission by the Nail. EDIT (6/25/20): End of the World is automatically given to you by Marshall as you pass the Collapsed Department from Transit Access to Lower Crossroads.
  12. A lot of gamers have been posting that following my didn't get them the Subterranean Research trophy. But some did get it. After replaying the DLC from ENDGAME, these are all of the collectibles I received/picked up during that run. Research & Records Cave Paintings Foundation Pillar Leylines America Overnight Fatality Talented Janitor (found in Chasm in the same area as the Maneki-neko) History of the Oldest House Pyramidic Geometry Power Cores Foundation Etchings Hiss Sharpened Astral Copy Astral Mimic Astral Spike Case Files Maneki-Nekos Procedures VHS Tape Supplement Meteor Hill Summary Kyiv Summary Kyiv Supplement Movie Camera Supplement Movie Camera Procedures (Jesse Faden starring in "Swift Platform" mission; Not in Video) Meteor Hill Supplement VHS Tape Procedures ("Found Footage" mission) Correspondence Relocation Order Foundation Accident Unacceptable Behavior Memo Adventure Accepted Were-Everything Green Shift Account Pt. 1 Ash: Request Denied Northmoor: Final Warning Computer Program Shift Account Pt. 2 New Language Shift Account Pt. 3 Northmoor: Medical Results Multimedia Log 1: Discovery Log 2: Foundation Log 4: The ID FBC Reminder: Windows Log 6: Departure Rejected Episode Log 3: Work America Overnight Ep. 382 America Overnight Ep. 367 Brian's Movie Den Ep. 3 Log 5: Pyramids Log 7: Changes Log 8: Purpose Hotline The Foundation Departure Rituals Becoming Director End of the World Out of Options Astral Entities (when "Pyramid" mission is given) Two Birds, One Bomb If there is one missing, please post it and as to where you found it. Also note that every gamers' tally in every category overall will be different unless you've found EVERYTHING prior to "The Foundation" DLC.
  13. I tried this on a ENDGAME reload, and it is possible. Once the shaft lights up red, stop the elevator. The cat did show up.
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