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  1. This doesn't work, by the way. I've tried moving my clock forward several times. Hours, minutes, days, and nothing changes. I tried doing it while the game was running, as well as closing the app each time and nothing affected it. Frustrating as all hell because I waited all day for my last giant nevi. Checked at 6pm, 8pm, 10pm, 12am, and 1:30am. It only went from 5 to 6 stars in that entire timeframe. Then, of course, I go to sleep for work and check on my lunch break and its gone from 6 to 0 stars. At this rate it is currently on a 5-6 (or more) hour timer per star and I won't be able to fight it until tomorrow night sometime, probably late as hell into the night. I'll have to keep checking every few hours to make sure I don't miss it. Stupid mechanic for a stupid game, I can't believe how awful this game was when I enjoyed the first one. Anyways, hope someone sees this and doesn't waste time like me. I'm glad it is at least mentioned in the PST guide to keep looking for them but the fact that you can't even begin spawning it until 30 hours into the game is bullshit.
  2. Hi Terminator,


    I saw your message about the Nascar Heat 2 & 3 servers closing. If you would like to edit the guides feel free to do so, I haven't bothered much with guide writing or maintenance since the site update for both sites, and I haven't really been on PST much. 

    1. Terminator


      I can't update forum Guides anymore because my editing permissions were lost after the site upgrade :(. I have updated the main site versions but the forum ones are out of my reach :(.

    2. AerisFlowerGirl


      Well that's unfortunate. 

  3. Great guide Mikel, this is my second time using it for the Windows 10 stack and everything is going well. One thing though: On day 16, Ingram asked me for a Marsblast and not a Moonblast. Making the Moonblast led to me replaying the day because I missed flawless service.
  4. Hey Mindy, wanted to stop by and first say thanks for another great guide. However, I wanted to point out that during the very first Hidden Objects scene, the tutorial tells you that you can switch a HO puzzle to a matching puzzle. I did this because the game told me to, and the guide did not say anything against it. However, this voids the trophy for completing all hidden object puzzles without a hint. I guess because you are technically not even completing the HO puzzle, as I never used a hint. THANKFULLY, all I had to do was start a new game, play 5 minutes until the first HO in the game, and beat in normally. Trophy (or achievement, in my case) unlocked and game complete. Would be worth mentioning in the walkthrough to avoid using the dpad to change HO puzzles to matching puzzles. I've seen you mention it in other guides, which is why I knew to fix it. Tagging @Terminatoras he is the man and usually updates these. Thanks! :)
  5. Great read. I only wish I could write as well as you do. Blog of monthly gaming ramblings when?
  6. splendid to see Goat Simulator headline part 2 of the august blog! was Payday the dlc you liked? I personally found it a hilarious parody, especially since i played Payday 2.

  7. 3/10. Pretty average game in terms of difficulty. Everything can be done on easy and is more of a time investment than a difficulty investment.
  8. 43 hours for me. I lessened my grind by buying my friend a copy of the game and co-oping the game with him. We had a blast and made this ridiculous, pointless grind much more bearable.
  9. Thanks for the guide, easily the worst DLC out of the four. I ran into so many run killing glitches, straight falling through the floor several times in the Portal rooms. Once I finally beat it, I fell through the floor in the elevator and had to completely redo the entire fucking portal section for a fifth time. Was pretty pissed about the whole thing. Also those controls on the ship for the outer space section were so horrid, I couldn't believe it. Worse than Flappy Goat. I also did not get a 2for1 trophy deal as mentioned in the guide. Was hoping that NERD would pop so I didn't have to do Portal again, but alas no dice.
  10. Thanks for the guide, no issues. Only problem was once again the broken ass nature of this game. Took me three attempts to get the moon trophy because I kept falling through the pirate ship when it took off. I also was not able to fly through all the rings as the flamingo, had to do it with the rocket league car. Wasn't too bad with slow mo though.
  11. Thanks for the guide. I don't know if others mentioned it, but I didn't see a minifun in the tutorial. I had to find one in a random crate, but the trophy was still easy to obtain. Worse DLC of the bunch, for sure. Ran into many glitches. The worst being no reset button, because I fell below the map on three occasions while working on the long trophies. Eventually I just stopped jumping if possible. Then, I could no longer eat food items. This happened when I had 15/25 challenges done, so when a food challenge came up, I had to sit there for four minutes until it went away. Lost a lot of sleep that night because of the damn 25 challenges.
  12. Perfect guide, thanks. This was the only enjoyable DLC, alongside maybe Payday. The others were terrible.
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